Diet overhaul and losing weight

Last night we had planned to go climbing at our local gym so we had some leftover roast beef and veggies. Then we decided that we didn’t actually want to leave the house (especially as my climbing shoes have gone AWOL (bad pun – I’m sorry)). We caught up on The Daily Show and Colbert Report before I did my usual falling asleep on the sofa in front of the TV.


For dinner we had my favorite comfort food – mashed potatoes. What can I say, I’m Irish. We love potatoes. But also a ton of veggies – broccolli (from a giant bag we got at CostCo), carrots and some sauteed green cabbage. This amount of veggies was not normal a couple of years ago.

Growing up I was quite the fussy eater. Moving to SLC has definitely changed my eating habits. Lots more veggies. Way less meat. Since moving here I’ve probably lost about 15-20 lbs, which is  a lot when you’re a shorty like me. Having a share in a CSA during the summer also forced me to try new fruits and veggies. You have to get creative when you get bunches of chard and radishes every week.  Although, I still can’t make myself love kale.


Top photo is me about a week after we moved into our house in Jan 2010 (probably 135ish lbs). Bottom photo is me in my fancy new running clothes about 3 weeks ago (a little over 115 lbs).