It’s the weekend!

Friday! Woohoo! I get to leave work a little early today so J and I can head down south. One of our very good friends is getting married this weekend. And being a super-awesome bride – she has chosen to get married at Zion National Park, which is one of the most beautiful places I have ever visited. Here’s some pictures of our visit there in fall 2010.






Again – I’m reminded how lucky I am to live in Utah where I can drive 4 hours and be in this place! Plus what’s better than a weekend of camping and partying with your best friends!

This week has been run-free and totally great. My foot (which wasn’t that sore to begin with) hasn’t been bothering me but I’m still determined to take another week off before my slowly returning to running. I also have been sleeping in til 7 AM every morning. I think I’ll wait until Daylight Savings ends before going back to my 6 AM workouts.

But I have been staying active. I’ve biked into work three days this week. I was meant to do it again today but had major chain issues -> bike fail. It’s only a little over 3.5 miles but it is literally uphill the whole way and takes about 35 mins. But coming home is totally free-wheeling and a ton of fun. I’ve also hit the pool twice. The U has a pool that’s open for lane swimming every weeknight from 6-10 PM and it’s pretty quiet. My short term goal (I’m following a 6 week program) is to be able to swim 1 whole mile without stopping. I also did a quick strength workout (no yoga until my foot is back to normal) including my longest plank ever – 3 1/2 minutes – this was made a little easier because Taylor Swift’s Shake It Off kept me company. Damn – that is one catchy song!

Finally, I’m happy to announce that I’ve managed to complete one of my goals for the year! At some point during my marathon I managed to tick off 1000 miles for the year. I’m hoping in a week I can get back out there and add a couple more!

Happy weekend!

Day 39 – Tempo run

Last night we had a quick pasta dinner before hitting the climbing gym. Chicken and mushrooms in a white wine sauce. After I took this photo I dumped a ton of broccoli on my plate. Gotta eat your greens.


My PT has OKed me to some tempo work. Yay!?! I decided today was the day to start. The plan was a warm up mile – at about 8.00 min/mile pace – and then 15 mins at 5K pace. Mile one was 7.17 min pace and mile two was 7.21 pace. Not bad. Then a coo-down 1.17 mile (uphill) back home. Overall 4.17 miles at an average of 8.32 min/mile pace. I think. My Garmin was acting a little funny today – ignoring my time spent waiting at the traffic lights and adding a mystery 400 ft elevation gain. WTF?

After work we spent the evening getting ready for our first camping trip of the year. I can’t wait. We’re heading down to southern Utah for the weekend and plan to hike and trail run. The highs should be in the low to mid 60s. Sunny and beautiful scenery. I’m planning to do my long run down there on Sunday and will plan to bring my camera on this one. Here’s a taster of what we’ll be looking at all weekend.


March total: 22.62 miles/36.4 KM