Day 8 – start of week 2

Watched the Super Bowl with some friends yesterday. Enjoyed my favorite football snack – jalapeno poppers! I love jalapenos. I put them on every sandwich and as man meals as I can manage. I also got to try J’s home-brewed IP, which was yummy. It’s my new favorite. This hobby of his is definitely something I can get behind.


During the game we also helped ourselves to a white bean and roasted vegetable soup (with bacon – cos bacon). This went down pretty well too. Along with homemade guac (because every meal should have avocado in it).


This morning was week 2 day 1 of half marathon training. And my fifth day of running in a row. It called for a nice and easy 30-ish minute run. It was a bit of a struggle to get out of bed and get going. All of the delicious Super Bowl beer and food was not sitting quite right in my stomach. But strangely, it was one of those runs where before you knew if you were running round the last corner til home. And as a bonus I could see the very start of the sunrise as I was stretching on my porch. I am definitely looking forward to the day when I don’t need my headlamp in the morning.

3.61 miles at 9.12 min/mile pace

No pain (woo-hoo!) and solid start to the week. Tomorrow is a rest day from running which conveniently coincides with a new snow storm. So I get to avoid running in snow and we should have good air for the rest of the week.

SLC is looking pretty good right now.