Day 5 – It finally happened!

After a draining day at work yesterday I headed out to pick up some groceries including a stop at Trader Joes. This usually ends with me buying a ton of their delicious treats and spending muchos money. Their English Toffee is my boyfriend’s favorite and I’m usually under strict orders not to buy it. Cos if it ain’t in your house you can’t eat it. He’ll be outdoors doing manly things all weekend so he needed the calories.


This is pretty restrained – usually I buy their 1 lb (!) bar of Swiss chocolate.

I also stocked up the veggie drawer.


I’m trying to reduce the carbs I eat and increase the amount and variety of veggies. Also, I like peppers. I have a bunch of veggie recipes I’m planning on trying out this weekend/next week so watch out for updates.

Finally, this was waiting for me when I got home.


Excited to start reading this.

I decided to run my 3.6 mile loop again this morning. It felt much better than yesterday. Less knee banging. A little more natural. Some parts felt really good – everything was just flowing and smooth. The ground was a little icy in places but luckily I had worn my trail shoes. I was just about to turn the corner to get back to my house and was admiring my confidence and ability to cope with slick sidewalks when disaster struck.

You know the old saying “Pride usually comes before a fall”: well I am now a living embodiment to prove it’s true. The sidewalk leading directly to my house was an ice rink so I decided I would just run on the road. As I was stepping on the road I hit a patch of ice I went down. Somehow I managed to keep my feet on the ground and felt the full impact on my elbow. Warning: Gore!


This was my elbow under two layers of running tops. It was pretty sore but now 7 hours later it’s feeling a lot better. And on the bright side I didn’t injure my legs at all.

I felt like the universe owed my some good karma and it delivered. On my way to catch the bus to work I again decided to walk on the road and avoid the ice patch and this time instead of a spectacular fall I found $10 (literally) frozen to the road. I peeled that MOFO from the road and took it as an apology for starting my day with a bang. And all is good with the world again.

3.6 miles at 9.04 min/mile pace. Felt pretty darn good.

Monthly mileage: 75.05 miles

Not bad considering this is my back to running month. And 30 more miles than I ran in Jan 2013.

Planning on doing a strength workout and then spending my Friday night in my PJs with some wine, nachos and Scandal. Happy Friday!