Day 4 – Mindful running

When I first started running I thought about a lot of different things while I was actually running:

Oh my God this is so hard

I think I might die

Try not to vomit in front of people

Ugh a hill – how am I going to do that?

One thing I didn’t ever think about was HOW I was running? How my legs were moving forward. What my arms were doing. If my back was bent over. How my feet were touching the ground.

Running is easy, right? You just put on your shoes (and clothes obviously) and go? Well it turns out for me, that running isn’t that simple. Last year I had 8 months of injury-free running followed by 4 months of not being able to run pain-free. Now I have to think about running and how to stop getting these recurrent (and totally frustrating) injuries.

So this morning I went for a run. And I thought about my body for the whole run. Trying to keep my spine tall. Making sure my legs were going straight and my knees weren’t touching. Trying to keep my arms closer to my body. I’m not going to lie the first 1.5 miles was pretty hard. I had to think about every step. It was like I had been given someone else’s legs to try out and I didn’t know what I was doing.

However, the second half of the run felt more fluid. Like I had been given my legs back. I felt fluid. I know changing your gait and stride will take time and practice but I have a destination now. I’m not just running and waiting for an injury to happen. I’m running away from my injuries and towards being a better runner. It was a good run.


3.58 miles (I don’t round up!) at 9.28 min/mile pace. It snowed here last night – just a little. And I know this will sound weird for non-Utahns but the snow was really wet. Normally, our snow is light and fluffy, which is the main reason why are snow is so good to ski on. So for the first time ever I came home with wet socks.