Day 75 and 76 – One week to go!

Somehow my second half marathon is now only one week away? How did that happen?

Yesterday was a rest day – just an early morning trip to the gym to continue the quest to strengthen my hip and glutes. The weather was so nice – 73F and sunny when we got home. So we did what any normal person would do – we got out our grill for its first cooking adventure of the year.

We had some Costco salmon burgers in the freezer (would definitely recommend) and had them with a Greek-inspired couscous salad. And the obligatory cocktail in our snazzy copper mugs. We even ate outside!


This weekend I had my last (!) long run of this training plan – 9 miles during which I really wanted to nail down my fueling plan. I also wanted to push it a little to see if my goal time was going to be feasible at all. Because the weather looks like it’ll break tonight and we have an excursion planned to a new brewery – today looked like the day to get ‘er done.

9.1 miles at 8.04 min/mile pace. Gu gel (chocolate shock – I like my gels to taste like dessert) at mile 5.5 and a comfortable but still challenging pace. Finished strong (and downhill) and for the first time after a long run (which for me is 8+) I felt refreshed and ready for more. I think this race is really going to happen for me.

I had been a bit hesitant to even think about a PR – this course is a little more challenging and with all my injuries (sciatic nerve, hip bursitis, strained gluteus medium, runner’s knee) I thought getting to the start line healthy and maybe running a sub 1.50 would be an achievement in itself. But now my competitive nature is wondering if a PR might be on the cards…….

As usual my long run was followed by a smoothie, and an egg and avocado toasted sandwich. We also got some strawberries on sale – Greek yoghurt, honey and almonds. Is this dessert or breakfast? Whatever, it was awesome.


Now I just have four short runs to get through before race day. And carb loading………………

April mileage: 47.2 miles/76 KM

ATWRBR mileage: 169.1 miles/272.1 KM

Day 56 – Double digits

Sunday is long run day. And today was my first scheduled double digit run since………………May last year! Yikes! I ran my first half marathon on May 18th 2013 and had a fall half scheduled for November 3rd. Due to injury that never happened and the longest I ran over the summer was a 15K in August. This was followed by injury number 2 so my running year was cut drastically short.

This half marathon schedule is a little more ambitious – an extra day running per week and overall higher mileage. My plan is to always run a little hard the day before my long run to get used to running on tired legs. We’ll see how that holds up on race day……

Lucky we’re having a burst of sunny weather – although it’s still pretty chilly in the mornings. It took two miles for my hands to warm up this morning. My route included a steady gradual uphill as I’m doing my best to prep for the potential nasty bits for my half marathon which is now just 4 weeks away. 10.02 miles at 8.33 min/mile pace. Mostly easy pace with a little twinge of my glut medius at about mile 8. You can bet I foam rolled that sucker when I got back.

Had my trademark fruit smoothie, granola and my new favorite – fried egg and avocado toasted sandwich for breakfast. Feeling good. Got my ProCompression calf sleeves on and waiting for them to do their magic!


Now I can just relax all day just have to put in a few hours at work before I can stuff my face with mac and cheese. Happy Sunday!

March mileage: 83 miles/133.6 KM

Weekly recap:

5 runs

Weekly mileage: 27.35 miles (highest mileage maybe ever?)

Longest run of the year: 10.02 miles

2 yoga classes

1 strength workout

1 climbing gym session