Day 21 – weekly recap

Sometimes I get a craving for comfort food. This is my go to cookbook for some Irish home cookin.


If you ever find yourself in Dublin you need to go to the Avoca cafe for lunch. They have a really cute store, a deli and an awesome cafe. My Mom got me their cookbooks a couple of years ago and I love it. I decided I needed to make some Shepherd’s Pie. It’s a hug in a dish.


If you’ve been reading this blog – and I hope some people have – you might notice that I don’t eat a ton of meat. The meat that we used for this came from our local farmer’s market. I don’t want to sound all hippy-dippy but I like to know where the meat I eat comes from and how the animals were raised. SLC has an awesome farmer’s market that runs from May to October. We got to meet the actual farmer – complete with cowboy hat – and the meat tastes great. Sermon over.

Last night we watched Don Jon with Joseph Gordon Levitt, Scarlett Johansson and Julianne Moore. Good movie but not for anyone who can’t deal with porno images flashing on screen.

Also had a glass from my Bota box – not just for camping!


Sunday is long run day. 7 miles scheduled. I managed 7.33 miles at 8.31 min/mile pace. Felt mostly good. My knee still feels a little stiff. Not sore just a little uncomfortable. I’m hoping the exercises my PT gave me will strengthen my defective glutes and sort out my knee pain. I also got to wear short shorts –  56F at the start of the run.


After a long run you need to refuel. Breakfast burritos yum. Plus the obligatory avocado, jalapenos and weekend smoothie. Did a power yoga class this evening. Good news: my knee can tolerate yoga!


Weekly recap:

Total mileage: 21.38 miles

Longest run of the year: 7.33 miles

One strength workout

One yoga workout

Two climbing gym workouts

Day 11- Dealing with frustration

Yesterday I stayed a little later in work to make up for the time spend getting tortured at my PT’s office that morning. I was so hungry when I got home – I needed something fast! Salmon to the rescue – with teriyaki and oyster sauce, egg noodles and stir-fried veggies. Less than 30 mins fridge to belly. My kind of meal.


Some snow had been forecast last night but when I got up the sidewalks were clear and I decided to take advantage and do my 30 min run before the next storm hit. Today was an easy day. And it felt easy. I have a heart monitor with the Garmin but it’s still in its original plastic. I prefer to run by feel and today was a “don’t get out of breath at all” run. 3.6 miles at 9.03 min/mile pace.

Yesterday I was looking up my race paces using the McMillan calculator. My easy pace should be anywhere from 8.10-9.11 min/mile so right now I’m at the top end of that. And slower than I want to be right now. So this morning I had a little conversation with myself about why I shouldn’t let this bother me.

1. You’re coming back from injury you idiot! You need to take it easy.

2. You’re trying to change your running form and make it more efficient. This is mentally exhausting – thinking about where your foot is at every step, whether your pelvis is tucked in and how your glutes are doing.

3. It’s winter. It’s icy. You’ve already got a bruise on your elbow from one fall so chill out.

4. Easy days should be easy. That’s the point. They allow you to make the hard days really hard.

5. The greatest accomplishment you can have with this half-marathon schedule is to make it to the starting line in one piece. That is goal number one. Plus this course is not a PR course. Save that for later in the year.

6. Put in the miles. The speed will come.

7. Don’t sacrifice all your running goals for the year for the sake of a few fast runs in February.

I decided that I’m not going to be frustrated but thankful that I CAN run again.

After my run I came home to some home-cooked soda bread (made by J). It’s a yeast-free Irish style bread. I love it with butter and a ton of jam in the morning or with smoked salmon if I’m feeling fancy.


Trying to decide if I want to yoga tonight………..I think my body wants to but I kinda want to watch Sherlock with a glass of wine. Decisions, decisions……….