Day 13 – My 22 min mile

Yesterday I picked up groceries straight after work and found this on sale. Friday night sorted.


It was J’s dinner choice last night – burgers and fries. Lucky for me he’s on board with healthy eating so it was black bean burgers with avocado and chipotle mayo, oven-baked potato wedges and zucchini, tomato, feta and cilantro skillet fry. Yummy comfort food. Paired with some homebrewed IPA. Perfect Friday food.


We watched the first two episodes of The Following. It was a little silly but good fun.

Today was long run day. I got to run in daylight (!) and even saw other runners. For the first time ever my Garmin was acting up – I had run almost 3 miles by the time it registered my first mile. A new record of 22.28 min/mile. I’m hoping it was just a blip. I had planned out my route and wasn’t too worried about pace so I kept going and plotted my route on Runkeeper once I got back. 6.46 miles at 8.42 pace – I’ll take that. Bonus – it started raining about 2 minutes after I finished my run. Perfect timing.

On the plus side my hip is totally fine. Unfortunately, my right knee (opposite side) was twingey. Not painful but the last thing I wanted to happen. I mean the PTs are meant to fix me right, not give me a new injury. I think my body hates me a little. Will take it easy -tomorrow is a rest day. Vitamin I. And have it assessed at my PT appointment on Wed.

For this run I figured I might be out for about an hour so I decided to bring my handheld water bottle and try out one of the Nuun flavors we got at the Park City Trail Series last summer.


Purple means Grape. And I found it not very grape-like and a little sickly sweet. I’m not sure if this is true for every electrolyte powder but it didn’t sit well in my stomach. More experimenting I think.

Breakfast was a feast – homemade pumpkin granola with Greek yoghurt and honey, my weekend homemade smoothie and homemade soda bread with as much jam as possible.


After breakfast I went to the local climbing store and got these bad boys.


My last pair went missing after a trip to the climbing gym in December so I’m ready to get back to my usual Wednesday night climbing!

I have a yoga class planned for this afternoon. It’s a new class – half core and half restore. So you work your butt off for 30 mins then get to stretch it out for the second half. Then tonight we’ll put on our fancy pants and head to the Utah Symphony! Happy Saturday.

Why I do yoga


This morning started with a 6AM yoga class. Yes I get up early to exercise. Yes I know it’s weird. And yes it has taken a long time to become a regular habit.

I love this class. It’s an hour long power class that starts off the same every week but there is always an apex pose that we get to in the second half of class. 99.9% of the time I cannot do this pose as I am pretty inflexible. This week we were working on Crow Pose which was the 0.1% pose that I can actually do.


Disclaimer: This is not me. And I don’t do yoga on the beach in a bikini. Well not most of the time.

My journey to yoga began about 2.5 years ago. I was getting a fitness assessment as part of my work’s health and fitness program. I scored pretty well in strength and cardio but sucked at flexibility. Really sucked. Bottom 10% of people my age/sex. The lady I met with suggested I take up yoga.


I had been to one yoga class in Scotland but it wasn’t for me. Going with a bunch of giggly girls to an over 50s class with serious yogis was not the right way to go.

So I went to my local studio. They offered a free Intro to Yoga class. And I went to that a couple of times. After that, I went to a Core for Dummies (not the actual name of the class) and then I jumped right in. I try to go twice a week and I don’t practice at home. I need an instructor to push me out of my comfort zone. And while I don’t necessarily subscribe to the holistic/quasi spiritual side of yoga I do find it great for improving core strength, mediation and relaxation and for relieving DOMS.

And I can touch my toes now.

Diet overhaul and losing weight

Last night we had planned to go climbing at our local gym so we had some leftover roast beef and veggies. Then we decided that we didn’t actually want to leave the house (especially as my climbing shoes have gone AWOL (bad pun – I’m sorry)). We caught up on The Daily Show and Colbert Report before I did my usual falling asleep on the sofa in front of the TV.


For dinner we had my favorite comfort food – mashed potatoes. What can I say, I’m Irish. We love potatoes. But also a ton of veggies – broccolli (from a giant bag we got at CostCo), carrots and some sauteed green cabbage. This amount of veggies was not normal a couple of years ago.

Growing up I was quite the fussy eater. Moving to SLC has definitely changed my eating habits. Lots more veggies. Way less meat. Since moving here I’ve probably lost about 15-20 lbs, which is  a lot when you’re a shorty like me. Having a share in a CSA during the summer also forced me to try new fruits and veggies. You have to get creative when you get bunches of chard and radishes every week.  Although, I still can’t make myself love kale.


Top photo is me about a week after we moved into our house in Jan 2010 (probably 135ish lbs). Bottom photo is me in my fancy new running clothes about 3 weeks ago (a little over 115 lbs).