Day 23 – yay for rest days!

Today is a much needed day off from running. After my 7ish miler on Sunday and a 4 mile recovery run on Monday my legs need a break. But a rest day shouldn’t mean a lie on the sofa and do nothing day. So 6 am yoga it was. With lots of hip openers! Perfect! A couple of slight knee twinges during the class but it felt pretty good. Also nice to be finished a workout just as the sun is rising.

This class is my favorite. It’s early so you don’t end up hitting your neighbor every time you stretch your arms and it’s taught by my favorite yoga instructor. Every class is different – you build up to some crazy pose (today it was peacock pose in full lotus).


Yes it looks a little weird. And no I could not do this but it’s always nice to push yourself and see how you’re improving. He also gives great cues for alignment. But the all time best class of his was for Halloween two years ago. We were building three different segments and when it was time to join them together we did it to the Time Warp from RHPS. So much fun! It’s hard to get me to laugh before 7 AM but it usually happens at least once in this class.

And I have to tell you about the meal I made for dinner last night. I use the website all the time – it’s great healthier versions of all your favorite food. I was craving some kind of sweet-sour type dish and decided to make Thai Chicken and Pineapple Stir Fry. It was amazing!


I didn’t have the sauce she mentions in the recipe list but I found a soy-based stir fry sauce that contained pineapple juice and it worked a treat. Plus I’m eating fresh pineapple for lunch right now.

Today I needed something sweet with breakfast and found this in our cupboard.


It hit the spot. Yum! If you are near a Trader Joe’s you should pick it up and put it on your toast tomorrow. I guess being able to eat a little more (and more calorific) than normal is one of the perks of half marathon training!

I also celebrated the Olympics with a Moscow mule last night.