Day 43 – Over half way through! + Moab Day One

So far I’ve completed 6 weeks of my half marathon training plan. Half way through and feeling good although the mileage should start to ramp up in the next couple of weeks. Plus I have my first race of the year this Saturday.

Our clocks went forward on Saturday night which meant that I’m back to running in the dark :(. I was just starting to get used to seeing the sunrise as I finished my morning run. Oh well. I guess I’ll need my headlamp and reflective vest for a little longer. It was pretty hard to get out of bed after a weekend full of camping and not-so healthy foods but I managed. I did a 4.61 mile recovery run and felt pretty good. I have misplaced (hopefully not lost) my connector to upload my Garmin data so I won’t be sure of my paces until it turns up again. I think it was around 9.00ish min/mile.

Back to my weekend in Moab. We drove from SLC on Friday evening (about 4 hours) and arrived to a dark and very windy campsite. We braved it for a little but headed to bed pretty early. But the next morning we woke to blue sky and sunshine (still a little chilly).


Our campsite – on a plateau overlooking Long Canyon.


Our first adventure of the day was to drive down through the canyon on a steep off-roady-type trail to the start of our first hike of the day.


That’s the road in the front right heading down to Long Canyon and looking over the snow-capped La Sal mountains.

Our first hike was to Corona Arch about 2.2 mile round trip mostly over slick rock.



Southern Utah sure is pretty.

We ate lunch by the Colorado river.


After lunch we did hike no. 2 of the day – Fischers Towers about 4.6 mile roundtrip.




We headed back to camp to cook up some chilli and cobbler in the Dutch ovens before hanging out by our campfire for the night.

March mileage: 39.45 miles/63.5 KM

Day 40 – See ya later!

I’m so excited about our first camping trip of the year! Woohoo! I love camping in southern Utah. It’s usually warm and dry (although nights will be chilly this weekend) – the opposite of any camping experience in Ireland or Scotland.

We spent last night finding and packing all our camping gear. I also prepped some¬† of the veggies for our meal – we are cooking group dinner on Saturday night. J is a Dutch oven master so we’re using that to rustle up some chilli. I’m going to use this homemade seasoning – it’s so good and takes 2 minutes to make. Way better than anything in the store.

I finally satisfied my chickpea/garbanzo bean craving (yes I know this is something that is not normal to crave) and had chickpea and veggie stew with some pitta, feta and almonds.


After a couple of weeks I’ve decided that Thursday is now officially wine night. I had used some of this for cooking dinner on Wednesday so drank a glass with dinner on Thursday. Bonus: we got it last time we were in Moab. Yes they make wine in Utah – and it’s OK. Not going to win any awards but drinkable.


Because we’re going away for the weekend I switched up my runs and did a quick 3 mile this morning – 8.38 min/mile pace. It felt pretty easy. I think going on a mini-vacation always puts me in a good mood! Got my PT exercises out of the way too and now just have a couple of hours to wait before we hit the road.

See you all on Sunday!

March total: 25.63 miles/41.2 KM

Day 39 – Tempo run

Last night we had a quick pasta dinner before hitting the climbing gym. Chicken and mushrooms in a white wine sauce. After I took this photo I dumped a ton of broccoli on my plate. Gotta eat your greens.


My PT has OKed me to some tempo work. Yay!?! I decided today was the day to start. The plan was a warm up mile – at about 8.00 min/mile pace – and then 15 mins at 5K pace. Mile one was 7.17 min pace and mile two was 7.21 pace. Not bad. Then a coo-down 1.17 mile (uphill) back home. Overall 4.17 miles at an average of 8.32 min/mile pace. I think. My Garmin was acting a little funny today – ignoring my time spent waiting at the traffic lights and adding a mystery 400 ft elevation gain. WTF?

After work we spent the evening getting ready for our first camping trip of the year. I can’t wait. We’re heading down to southern Utah for the weekend and plan to hike and trail run. The highs should be in the low to mid 60s. Sunny and beautiful scenery. I’m planning to do my long run down there on Sunday and will plan to bring my camera on this one. Here’s a taster of what we’ll be looking at all weekend.


March total: 22.62 miles/36.4 KM

Day 36 – Daylight!

I was feeling pretty good after my long run yesterday – energized and ready to tackle some of the unappealing errands I’d been putting off for the last while. I’ve learned that when I’m feeling like this I need to take advantage. But after a couple of hours I was getting the itch to go outside again.

J was at work so I decided to do a little hike on the North side of Salt Lake. It was only 1.0 mile total but had awesome views over the whole valley and I managed to escape the rain again – I think it might be my new super power.


It was exactly what I needed to clear my head – about 30 mins and 300 ft. Afterwards I rewarded myself with a ton of sushi rolls with friends.

Monday mornings are always a battle to get up and running. This is a recovery run for me so I’m usually a little sore and tired. Today was the same. Achy knee and sore butt –¬† not a great combo but at least I know what is going on with my body now and the PT I need to keep doing to sort it out. 4 miles at about 9.15 min/mile pace.

The great thing about this run was that as I was leaving the house I debated whether I really needed to bring my headlamp and after two miles I turned it off completely. I was actually finishing my morning run in daylight. I think spring might finally be here! (Sorry everyone in the East and Midwest). I even felt a little warm (!). I think I definitely have spring on my mind as we are seriously considering taking off on our first camping trip next weekend. I am ready for sun, shorts and chacos!

March running total: 14.6 miles/23.5 KM