Day 66 – Hard runs are hard

Today was my first run in April. And it’s still cold. 37F – still wearing winter running clothes and gloves. Sigh.

Wednesdays are my hard work out days. And if I’m honest I usually need to psyche myself up in order to leave the house. Why? Because they usually hurt. But you don’t get stronger or faster by not pushing yourself, right? Unless you all know some secret where I can just do easy runs and still get better?

Tempo day. First mile is downhill and a warm up to get my legs used to increased turnover – 7.40 mins. Then 3 miles around the local park – 7.11, 7.15, 7.18 pace. The first two miles felt OK but that third mile was hard. I was trying to figure out if my body or my mind that wanted to quit more. I’m pretty sure it was my brain but I just couldn’t convince myself to push any more. I was a little disheartened but then I decided that I was doing just fine and to just run at an easy pace back home. Total distance 5.3 miles at 7.50 min/mile pace.

It got me thinking about how running is much more than a physical task. How we really have to train our brains to keep going when things get hard and we want to quit. For me the hardest part of training is getting my mind and body on the same page. Running long training runs on your own definitely toughens me up.

Bonus: pain-free run! Woohoo!

April mileage: 5.3 miles/8.5 KM

ATWRBR mileage: 121.9 miles/196.2 KM