Return to running

I was going to title this “Injury Update” but I thought that was a little inaccurate. I’m not really injured but I’m not yet back to normal – kinda in the purgatory of recovery. The good news is that I’m running again. As in actually putting on my shoes and running non-stop. And it’s amazing.

I’m not the type who thinks that running cleanses my soul/gives me spiritual meaning – I’m much to practical for that. But it is something that I really really enjoy doing. I like the simple task of putting on my shoes and seeing what my body can do. Sometimes it’s fun, a lot of times it’s hard and most of the time it feels like second nature. And I can do it again.

My first non-stop (after weeks of run-walking) was on May 30th and was a great way to finish the month. Right now, I’m working with my PTs (yes – plural) and am cleared for running every other day, starting with 30 mins and increasing 10% per week as long as there is no increase in pain.

Luckily this coincides with the start of training for my next half marathon. in 12 weeks time I’ll be running down one of our local canyons. This won’t be a goal race because, well see above, and also we are doing a ton of travel this summer (first world problems yo). I have a second race late in October that finishes one mile from my house with pizza so my goal for that is to get to that pizza as quickly as I can.

The plan is to run 3-4 times a week, gradually building up my mileage and not really worrying about pace. Mostly, I’ve been running with the pup before work with a solo run at the weekend. This Saturday I ran my longest, fastest, lowest pain run in forever.

Screen Shot 2016-06-19 at 17.29.05I might also have accidentally found my way into a race in my local park and it was nice to get some words of encouragement even if I wasn’t the lead lady. One day……..

You might notice that I said this was the lowest pain run and not pain-free. I still haven’t had that breakthrough. My first week of running was a little rough, so my PT and I decided that I should take another week before increasing mileage. Luckily, since then the pain has decreased on every run. Also, pain might be the wrong word. It’s not a sharp pain, more like a discomfort that I’m constantly expecting to rear it’s ugly head. The take-home message is that things are getting better……….finally!

What else I’m working on: strengthening those hips and glutes. And that seems to be working. I made significant strength gains in both legs and am continuing to work on that. We did an analysis of my form and that has also improved – more hip stability and perfect cadence (180 spm!). The one thing that has come out of all of this is my limited range of motion in my left leg which we think has been the cause of all my problems – and I’ll probably do a more detailed post about that later.

Bike commuting! For the last three weeks I’ve been cycling to work. I bought a single speed from a friend and finally got it back from the shop complete with 2 extra gears and a rear brake.  It’s about 11.5 miles there and back but all uphill (about 600ft) in the morning and takes 35-40 minutes depending on traffic/lights/the tiredness of my legs. I’m really loving it right now although by the end of the week my legs are pretty tired – especially if I’ve been running beforehand. I’m hoping that cumulative fatigue will help in the long run.

Yoga – still doing some hot yoga. I’m trying for once a week. Every time I go I think that it’s the sweatiest I’ve ever been in my life. Do you ever get used to the heat?

I’ve started June on such a great note and I’m quietly hoping that it will continue.


Recent travels

Well, it’s been a couple of weeks – and the craziness of summer has started over here. We’ve had two trips out of town and some hot hot weather.

Over Memorial weekend we decided to head down to the desert because – the desert is awesome. We drove to the San Rafael Swell – an area in central Utah bordering I70 that is usually immune from the craziness of Moab and Zion. We scored this amazing campsite and did some exploring.


We hiked by the San Rafael river, making our way towards a natural arch. One surprise was coming across an airstrip – that apparently is still in working order because there were people who had flown in to camp.

IMG_20160528_140941IMG_20160528_162009We bushwhacked our way towards the arch – along some beautiful red walls and the quiet of a real out-of-the way place. We turned around just in time to get rained on which is a little unusual in the desert.

IMG_20160528_150014IMG_20160528_150018The next day we explored some more side canyons – Pine and Cow Creek. And Sophie got her first desert experience.

On the way home we swung by the Little Grand Canyon.

IMG_20160529_125447Can you believe that this viewpoint is just a 3 hour drive from our house?

After a short week at work we then did a 180 and headed for the big city – St Louis. We were traveling for a wedding and had a bunch of really fun weekend events – including the big day – spread out over the weekend, but we did get to do the two touristy things that I really really wanted to experience when I was there.

We had booked the Beermaster tour months ago. This is a small tour – we only had 6 people – that lasts about 2 hours and you basically get to see everything you could want to see around the brewery – and taste beer at different stages of the process. It was surprisingly enjoyable – especially the historic aspects. It turns out that a bunch of the buildings are historical landmarks and are incredibly ornate. And the clydesdale horses live right there too.

IMG_20160604_121936IMG_20160604_103030 We also visited the Arch – which is an experience. It is undergoing renovation right now to build a new visitors center and museum but you can still go to the top. And the trip to the top is in small futuristic pods – futuristic in the 1960s sense of the world. But the view from the top was pretty cool and the structure itself is impressive.

IMG_20160605_102456IMG_20160605_104849Now, are travels are done for a couple of months. So time to focus on fun stuff around SLC. And right now I’m doing that on a combination of two almost pain-free legs and two wheels. More on the injury saga – spoiler things are looking good – and my return to bike commuting later.

Light at the end of the tunnel

In the first stages of an injury it is hard to even imagine running again, especially if it hurts to walk and there is no quick improvement. But with patience and doing the smart thing i.e. rest and working on those weaknesses, you eventually begin to see the light at the end of the tunnel. And that’s where I am now – eagerly anticipating making my way into the full light.

That’s not to say that it’s easy or pretty – things are still not quite right but I’m healing – feeling better and stronger. My back-to-running program is all about run-walk intervals to build up the strength in those tendons, bones and muscles. So far so good.

Walk 4.5 mins; Run 0.5 mins   14.00 min/mile

Walk 4 mins; Run 1 min            14.29 min/mile

Walk 3.5 mins; Run 1.5 min     13.40 min/mile

Walk  3 mins; Run 2 mins        12.49 min/mile

Walk 2 mins; Run 3 mins         11:37 min/mile

A couple of runs even had these beachfront views.

A work trip out to CA? OK. I  can do that. Even got an ocean view from my room.


I never get sick of the water – especially living so far inland. I even got a chance to travel south – hitting up La Jolla cove – with all the seals, sealions, surfers, paddle-boarders, SCUBA divers, kayakers. I can totally see what people love California. (P.S. – This American Life did a brilliant episode recently about the seals at this cove and after listening to it I knew that I had to go to visit but we didn’t see any craziness when we visited).


Further south we ended up at Sunset cliffs and took a walk along the ocean before finding some awesome fish tacos in Ocean Beach.


So much deliciousness. I also tired out the TWO Stone Brewing pubs – in Escondido and right by the airport and they are both amazing. Best pub food ever and beautiful locations.

It was back to reality this week but I am feeling better with every run and by this time next week I should be doing 30 minutes non-stop. That’s not a huge deal to most people in the blogiverse but to me it feels like a huge leap forward!


Well, it’s been a couple of weeks and there hasn’t been much running going on over here. My PT and I figured out that I had strained my adductor and not my quad like we had first thought, but the recovery is the same – strengthen my hips and glutes and wait for the muscle to calm down enough to start a run-walk return to running programme, which I started today (yay!). It was not pretty but I want to run again so badly.

So in the meantime I’ve been doing what any normal injured runner would do.

Go crazy at the local running store and at So much pretty.


Adidas Boost, Nike Free RN Distance and Brooks PureCadence 5. All on sale and a mix of heel drops, feel and rigidity. I’m excited to try them all out – and now I can’t buy another pair til at least the fall.

Also, I”m finally a convert to hot yoga. After some pretty unpleasant experiences at Bikram yoga I decided to try out Corepower – mostly because it’s just over a mile from my house and you can get a free week to try as many classes as you can. The first class I tried was their unheated intro class and afterwards I remembered how much I loved yoga. Then I tried my first heated class – I think it’s between 92-95F – and thought I was going to melt into one giant puddle and get carried out in my water bottle. My heart rate was crazy high – in Z3 for the entire hour and I did not like it at all.

But I had another four days to try out classes (for free! and free things are my favorite and a hangover from my poor grad student days) and decided to try again. And the second and third time was so much better. I even got the hang of side crow and half moon pose. So, I am officially signed up. It’s quite a bit different from the yoga I did before – not as much emphasis on correct alignment, more workout-y and with music but it’s a fun workout and a great way to work on those stabilizing muscles.

The other thing is hiking with Sophie which is always fun.

Our local dog park has a cool creek where your mutt can go crazy.

Then some hikes along the Bonneville Shoreline Trail on a super sunny but windy day.


And just to show that we still have snow in the mountains. This was in Neffs Canyon – another off leash area that finishes in a beautiful meadow. The snow was pretty slushy and I did fall on my butt a couple of times on the way down.


And this is what happens after a hard days hiking.

I also was able to get free downloads from the Salt Lake half marathon. Not the greatest photos and the only two I could find uploaded. 3 weeks ago – and the last time I was able to run properly but hoping that will change soon.

Treating yourself

Recovery week! Or two weeks. We’ll see. Every time I run a half I know that I should expect some DOMS but I forget how much it hurts. Damn muscles. I was fine by Wednesday. Well, fine is relative. My muscle soreness was gone but it was clear that my left leg was still not quite right. So I finally did the sensible thing and called my physical therapist’s office. Luckily, I got a next day appointment and was ready to find out what is going on with this darn leg.

It turns out that my hips and glutes are still pretty weak and my right leg is still considerably weaker than my left. Same old same old. But it all makes sense. My left leg is taking more of the load than the left because it is stronger. This basically means that there is more force going through it with each step so that’s probably the reason why it’s been so unhappy. It’s working overtime while rightie is slacking off. So we’re working on evening out this strength imbalance.

The other issue is my weak glutes and the lack of rotation i.e. flexibility in my hips – especially my left one. So there’s a lot to fix. He prescribed some plank, squat and clamshell variations to work on this. No running for another week – which is just fine by me and he’s predicting that I should be able to get back to it pretty soon. Fingers crossed.

So all in all a pretty good visit. It’s obvious what’s wrong. I also have genu valgum (which sounds like a Harry Potter spell) which means I have knock-knees. There’s a clear plan of action to get me where I need to be and my PT thinks my actual injury (pain in my quad) isn’t serious so we’ll mostly focus on correcting my biomechanics. I’m actually excited to get started. Thinking back over my (relatively short) running career I do my best when under supervision. My first marathon training cycle was pretty perfect 18 weeks and no pain or missed runs and it was after working with my PT for six months. Maybe I’m better off getting some help to keep my body on track?

But I’m still riding my post-race high. It was my fastest half marathon in two years. And I did what any normal person would do – sign up for next year’s race. April 22nd 2017 if you want to join me. This time around for $4 extra you could buy insurance so that if you can’t make it you get a full refund.

Then the shopping continued……..


My husband used the Pfitzinger program for his BQ and this is the equivalent book for ever other distance. I’ve just started reading it but I’m excited to learn more. My next race is a half marathon in September and I’d love to use one of his plans but we’ll see where my body is at in a couple of months.

Then I just stopped by to check out what was on sale at Do yourself a favor and do not make this mistake! They have a ton a super cute tanks and shorts including this purple Oiselle tank. I also bought my first pair of compression booty shorts because why not?


How do you treat yourself after a race?

Salt Lake Half Marathon


So this Saturday I ran the Salt Lake half marathon – my fourth road half marathon and my second time running this particular race – and it went pretty well (1.43.43 – how great is that  43-43?).

But first, I have a confession to make. Last Sunday I did my last long run of this training cycle and it went pretty well. On Monday I woke up and OMG I could barely walk. My knees were crazy sore – sharpy stabbing pain – the exact kind you don’t ever want to feel and especially less than a week before your half marathon. In fact, I had prepared a post about my goals for the half (sub 1.45 was my dream goal) but I never published it mostly because I was freaking out that I wouldn’t even make it to the start line.

By Tuesday, I was feeling a lot better. Still sore around my knee and in my left quad. I decided to try it out on the treadmill and made it exactly 3 miles before I had to call it quits. My knee felt like it was going to buckle underneath me and I was praying for a miracle. I didn’t run again for the rest of the week and was icing and Ibuprofen-ing like a maniac. I was seriously contemplating dropping out.

By Friday I was feeling a lot better – still tender around my knee and something weird going on with my quad but I decided I would at least pick up my bib. I went to bed – after a couple of glasses of wine – not sure if I would be running a half the next day.

But as you can guess, I ended up running. I’m still not sure if it was the right decision or not – the next few days will tell. Right now I’m in the grips of post-race muscle pain. And I would never advise anyone else to make this decision. I guess it’s crazy runner logic. Do as I say guys not as I do.

Saturday morning I was feeling OK. I was pretty nervous and this time I wasn’t worried about my finish time but I was seriously worried about seriously injurying myself and having to be hauled off  by the medics. I know – not a smart move. Don’t ever do this.

The race start is a 15 minute drive from my house and had a ton of free parking. I got there and had a Gu in my car (Salted Caramel) – how glamorous – before making my way to the start area. They had plenty of porta-potties and a great bag drop area. It was just under 40F and pretty chilly. I decided to wear a long sleeve top and shorts (no gloves) and FREE photos to come this week. With 10 minutes to go I dropped my stuff and headed to the corrals. This year they had set up corrals by estimated finish time. I was in corral B and it seemed to me that it worked out pretty well. The 1.45 pacer was hanging out in the corral and I decided that I would run with him for a while.

The race began at 7 am and off I went – following my pacer. He was really great. Super friendly and chatty (and in the middle of training for an ironman). It was pretty nice not to worry about pacing. In fact I don’t think I looked at my watch until mile 3. This first portion went pretty quick. He told us before hand that he would be running a little under goal pace to start as the first third is net downhill. So that’s what we did – 7:55, 7:59, 7:12 (156 ft drop in this mile), 7:46. 7:56. I was feeling pretty good. Running with a pacer made sure that I reigned in the pace at the start. My legs were feeling pretty achy on the downhill. Not as bad as my previous run on Tuesday but not great. But I made the smart decision of just ignoring any pain. By this time I was pretty certain that my leg wouldn’t explode so I made the decision to leave the pacer behind and try to keep my pace close to 7.55.

The next couple of miles are pretty interesting. There is a mile long gradual uphill followed by a slightly downhill portion and then a b*tch of a short but steep climb. I ran by feel and hoped for the best (smart race strategy, right?). They ticked by in 7:59, 7:41, 8:06. The rest of the race is flat or slightly downhill. After an hour, I had a Gu – chocolate coconut which I thought tasted like German chocolate cake. I also passed the split for the full and was so glad I only signed up for 13.1.

My longest training run had been 10 miles and that really showed in the last couple of miles. My lack of endurance was really telling. It was tough. Mentally tough. My legs could do the work but I had to convince my mind that it was possible. Doing some math I figured I could finish sub 1.45 if I kept my pace around 8 minute miles so that was my goal. Miles 9-13 were 7:55, 7:56, 7:47, 8:04 and 7:57. I turned a corner and saw the finish line and it felt like it took forever to get there. I crossed the line in 1.43.43 and was pretty happy. Well most of me. My calves and quads were super tight. After I picked up my free pancake (yum!) I headed over for a free postrace massage (would recommend after every race). I was sore but pleasantly surprised that I had made it in one piece and withing my goal time. I really enjoy this race – the course is challenging not like most of Utah races which are usually totally downhill through our picturesque canyons.

IMG_20160416_200447Then it was time to recover with all the food (and wine). And remember how painful it feels when you give it your all during a race. It has to stop hurting eventually, right?

Half marathon training Week 11

Less than a week to go until half marathon number 5. It’s really happening. Gulp!

Last week I had a great confidence-boosting 15K race and this week was mostly trying to keep that momentum without aggravating my mortal enemy i.e. my left leg which has been bothering me since January.

Sunday: 30 mins on the stationary bike – a little over 7 miles. Since I’ve cut back on my running days I’ve added some easy biking in place of recovery runs. Low setting and taking it really easy but a great way to get the legs moving after some hard workouts. On Sunday, I decided to do some extra strength works and boy was I (and particularly my a$$) feeling it for the next couple of days.

Monday: 6 miles at 9.13 pace. Treadmill again. Spending all of this time running indoors has let me catch up with the Gilmore Girls. I never watched this when it was on tv but I am totally digging it. I only watch it while doing cardio at the gym so it’s extra motivation to get those treadmill and bike miles done.

Tuesday: 30 mins on the bike and some strength work – mostly legs and core. Working on keeping those hips and glutes strong.

Wednesday: Last real workout of this training cycle. 7.3 mile progression run starting at 8.34 and finishing the last 0.3 miles at 7.47 pace. Felt tough but not impossible. Boy, am I a sweaty mess during these runs – I’m continuously surprised at how much liquid ends up on the treadmill. Yuck!

Thursday: Rest!

Friday: 6.7 miles at 8.34. Solid run. The only downside was some slight pain in my peroneal tendon (the one on the outside of the ankle) on my – of course – left leg. Over the past couple of months I’ve had a bone and muscle injury in this leg so it seems fitting that my tendons get in on the action. It’s more of a mild irritation and I’m hopeful that I can get to the starting line in one piece and then take some time off. #RunnerLogic.

Saturday: 3o mins on the bike plus some core and strength work. This even included some arm stuff. And a rare moment in the gym where I was actually admiring my own legs. Usually, working out in front of the mirror is a checklist in what I would like to improve in my physique so it was nice to feel some positive vibes.

Sunday: 10 miles at 8.47 pace. Last long run of this cycle. 8 miles on the half marathon course and it felt great. 700ft loss in elevation – woohoo! – but also 350 ft in gain. It felt great and I felt so ready to run this race. The only downside was a reappearance of that peroneal pain (boo!). Lots of stretching, rolling and icing (plus some ibuprofen) to get me ready for that start line.

On the schedule for this week – two short easy runs and then showtime.

When it’s good it’s really really good

Most half marathon training cycles are a tumultuous mix of highs and lows. This time around the lows have definitely outnumbered the highs. Stress response in my left lower leg, re-tweaking of my left calf and general not weirdness in SLL AKA stupid left leg. BUT I have been able to run (albeit with more breaks than I would like) and after last weeks 10 miler I was pretty confident that I could finish the Salt Lake half marathon on April 16th. But part of me – the obnoxious, competitive side – wanted to figure out a realistic goal pace for the race. Lucky for me, this weekend was the last in the RUNSLC series – a 15k that I wanted to use as a tune-up for the big 13.1 in two weeks.


I’ve really enjoyed this race series (5K and 10K reports here and here) – for one they managed to find the only flat 9 mile section in Salt Lake. But it’s also well-organized, low key and a great motivator for early spring training. Plus, sprinkle-covered donut holes at the finish. The 15K also covers about 3-4 miles of the half marathon course.

Going into the race my goal was to race strong. At the 10K I went out too fast and felt so awful for the last two miles – I did not want that to happen again and have a much longer sufferfest. I wanted to start off conservatively/sensibly/who am I kidding I just picked a random number at 7.55-8.05 min pace and see if I could maintain it for 9 miles. The race started at 8 am with beautiful weather (sunny, blue sky and 40F).

The first three miles were pretty solid (7.57/8.07/8.02) and I was feeling good. This was the exact opposite of the 10K, where a quarter mile in I knew that I was not going to have a good day. One thing that freaked me out was I felt like the whole world was passing me out in that first mile and part of me started to panic. But then I had a little word with myself and decided to concentrate on my own race but it took some convincing not too run “just a little faster” to catch up. 9 miles is a long way.

By the end of mile three, the race had settled down. I could see a couple of women ahead of me and decided that I would try and catch them by the end of the race. This started six miles of a near perfect progression run (7.56/7.50/7.40/7.37/7.39/7.36). At the halfway point I was 11th woman (it’s an out-and-back so pretty easy to see who’s in front of you) and ended up finishing as 7th (28 overall; 3rd in my age group – dam 30-34 is super competitive). Catching up to and passing those other women was such a confidence booster – I did mention my obnoxious, competitive side earlier, right?

This was the first time in the series where I actually sped up at the finish – and this was captured by my husband who cheered (along with our dog Sophie) at two points on the course. Usually, I am just hanging on at the end and have not extra energy for a last push but this time it really was my day. I ended up finishing in 1:10:23 (7.49 pace) – pretty much the same pace (7.46) as my 10K race 4 weeks ago.


This race was just amazing. I felt strong. Nothing hurt (besides my lungs at the end LOL!). I paced well. I ran a negative split. My last mile was the fastest. It was a total redemption race and made me excited – and not terrified – for my half marathon. It was everything you could ask for in a race. Well except for being 15K – it was only 9 miles long. Oh well.

OMG I’m running a half marathon in 18 days

To say that this half marathon training cycle has been less than ideal would be a total understatement. I’m just about 10 weeks in and so far I’ve managed to miss 2 weeks due to a stress response in my left shin and another week with a sore calf muscle – same leg. So that’s probably not the best way to prepare for running 13.1 miles. Oh well. I can’t back out there are pancakes at the end. Pancakes.

Last time I checked in I had successfully run a longish run – 8.75 miles of awesome feeling running. The new plan was to run every other day and start lighting candles to the patron saint of running miracles. Well, the good news is that I’m still running. The better news is that I have finally gotten around to watching the Gilmore Girls during my treadmill runs and it is awesome. The less good news is that I still don’t feel right. It’s a little hard to explain. Some days my calf will be a little tight. Other days I think I’m fine but still feel a little off and I’m not sure if that is my head expecting to fell sore or actual discomfort. Oy! Overthinking  is not helping.

So what’s been happening?

Monday 3/21: 6 miles at 8.35 pace on the treadmill

Tuesday 3/22: 7 miles on the stationary bike with some strength work.

Wednesday 3/23: 6.5 miles progression run on the treadmill starting at 8.35 and finishing a 7.55. BTW this run felt amazing.

Thursday 3/24: Rest

Friday 3/25: 6 miles at 9.13 pace.

Saturday 3/26: Some light strength work.

Sunday 3/27: 10 miles outside at 8.36 pace.

Monday 3/28: Rest

Tuesday 3/29: 7 mile progression run on the treadmill starting at 8.35 and finishing at 7.55.

Wednesday 3/30. 7.45 miles on the bike and some core/leg work.


So that 10 miler… went pretty well. A few aches and a little discomfort but nothing short and stabby (which is my signal to stop ASAP). My husband dropped me on the actual half marathon course and I followed it for 8 miles. The course is pretty fun to run. It starts with a short but steep uphill (which I skipped for this run) and then it’s pretty much downhill until mile 5. And I mean a fast downhill – I managed one mile at 8.08 pace without really trying. There is a mile of gradual climb before another slight downhill section and the last quarter mile steep section just before mile 8. Then it’s flattish until the finish. I like the variation – it keeps things interesting but I think it would be pretty hard to run this as a negative split.

I was pretty happy to hit double digits now that my half marathon is just 18 days away. Holy crap! But first, I have to finish a 15K. This will be the last in the tune-up series and will be my long run for the weekend. It will also give me a pretty good idea of a time goal for the half. I just hope my left leg cooperates. Fingers crossed.

Time out

FYI – if I don’t post for a week it’s not usually a good sign and this time was no different. But first, let me recap what’s been happening for the last couple of weeks.

Monday 3/7: 4.1 miles on the trail at 10.03 pace and 493 ft elevation gain. I love this trail and want to run it as much as possible now that the worst of winter is over.

Tuesday 3/8: 3 miles at 9.30 pace with my favorite girl. We’re still working on running by my side and not trying to trip me up.


Wednesday 3/9: 4.8 miles at 8:17 pace. 10 minute warm up, 20 minutes at 7.51 pace, 10 minute cooldown. This was my first tempo run outside in forever and on a part of the actual Salt Lake half marathon course – including a b*tch of a hill – 114 ft gain in less than a quarter of a mile (!). I actually finished this run feeling great, and just a little excited for my race.

Thursday 3/10: Rest. Oh my. I did not wake up feeling good. In fact, my left calf was decidedly unhappy. About a year ago, I had a serious strain of this muscle and was completely out of running for six weeks while I waited for it to heal. So now, it’s a weak link. It wasn’t the sharp pain of a pull (that hurts like a mofo!) but definitely tweaked.

Friday 3/11: 5.55 miles at 8.39 pace. Commute home to practice some downhill running. And no my calf hadn’t healed fully so the last part of this run was not fun. The weather was great and I enjoyed it, but running it was a mistake.

Saturday 3/12: A huge mistake. I woke up on Saturday in even more pain. My calf was not ready to party. I headed to the gym to spend some time on the stationary bike and managed to get 20 miles done but I knew that I needed a break from running (again).

Sunday – Wednesday: Rest. Complete rest. No running. No biking. No gymming. Nada. And it was great! Work was crazy this week and looking back at the last couple of months of training I had to admit that I needed rest. A lot more rest. I had been feeling super tired and run down. Doing too much too soon and my body isn’t ready for that right now. I need to scale it back a little to get my energy levels back up.

I was also thinking about the triggers for these little injuries and they seem to coincide with ramping up speedwork -> starting some interval training, and then some longer speedwork. My race is in a little over four weeks – actually the Saturday before Boston, and my plan is to only do easy runs until then. I haven’t signed up for anything else after this half so there will be no pressure to follow a training plan.

I also realized that there are more important things than this race -> which is no longer even a goal race. I want to hike, trail run, backpack and do fun things outside. This doesn’t mix with running injuries. I think it will be good for me to back off when I need to, so that I can say healthy.

Thursday: 3/17: 3 miles with Sophie at 10.32 pace. Awkward run but feeling so much better.

Friday 3/18: Rest.

Saturday 3/19: 8.75 miles at 8.52 pace. This run felt great. A couple of little aches but this was one of those runs that just feel amazing, where time flies by and you want to keep going forever. To be honest, if this run had gone badly (and I was really worried that this would be the case) I was ready to drop out of the half. But now I’m pretty sure that the race is doable – not a PR race but something to get back into the groove of racing.

Sunday 3/20: 4 mile hike with my best girl.

Monday 3/21: 6 mile at 8.35 pace. Back to the treadmill. The worry of another calf strain is now hanging over me so I decided to hit the ‘mill and not worry about hills – there is literally nowhere flat to run in Salt Lake – and get started on watching the Gilmore Girls. One and a half episodes in and I’m kinda liking it.

The one thing I’ve learned – and I feel like I’m always learning something new about running – is that I need more rest days. No more running consecutive days – at least not for the near future.

Any new running lessons? Or lessons you had to learn the hard way?