Half marathon training: Injury interruption.

Monday 2/15: 2 mile hike. President’s day hike in the foothills with this girl.


Tuesday 2/16: 3 mile elliptical. I am coping pretty well with my injury-imposed sojurn to the elliptical. This is mostly due to being able to watch Netflix on my phone. This past week I finally got up to date with Scandal.

Wednesday 2/17: 4.35 mile elliptical. 45 min tempo…………on the elliptical. 10 minute warm-up, 25 minute harder and 5 minute cooldown. Does anyone else feel super slow on the elliptical? I feel like I can never move as fast I would like.

Thursday 2/18: Rest!

Friday 2/19: 3 mile elliptical.

Saturday 2/20: 8.5 mile elliptical. My original schedule (which has now totally gone out of the window) called for a 90 minute long slow run – so I turned it into a 90 minute stint on the elliptical. I watched most of August: Osage County – one totally dysfunctional family. Followed by a mile run-walk around the indoor track. I just had to see how my leg felt – and it was all good news.

All workouts this week were supplemented with weight training – either my PT hip and butt exercises or actually lifting of heavy things. At least 15 minutes a day as part of February’s StrongBody Streak.

Sunday 2/21: Skiing! I live an hour from 10 different ski resorts, and this season I’ve been skiing a total of zero times. But spring skiing has finally arrived. Blue skies and temperatures in the low 30s. It was time to find my skis and hit the slopes with some friends.


We hit up Powder Mountain – about an hour north of Salt Lake City and one of the quieter ski resorts. Also, the only ski resort where you have to ski down a run to get on your first lift. The snow was skiing so well – not icy in the morning and not much melting after lunch. We glided down a whole bunch of runs – and my quads only burned towards the end of the day. So much fun!  I guess I’m a fair weather skier. And the views were pretty incredible. You could even see the Great Salt Lake.

A great week overall. And my second rest (at least from running) week. This week was the chance to see how my shin splints have healed. So far, so good. Fingers crossed it’ll stay that way.

I’m finished with Scandal on Netflix. What do I need to watch next?

My week in Ireland

What a three weeks! In case you were wondering where I have been………….well I was busy getting married back in Ireland followed by a much needed honeymoon in Italy! It was amazing! And I’m finally recovered and getting back into the swing of things…………Except for the fact that I’m running my first ever marathon on Sunday. Gotta love my planning.

Where to start……well a little bit about our week in Dublin. One word: busy. Forms to fill. Last minute wedding details to organize. Weddings. Partying with family and friends. And a little bit of recovery time. Combined with my last full week of marathon training.

I got to spend some quality time with my doggie-sibling.


He is a Tibetan spaniel in case you were curious.

Then some beautiful runs in the most amazing weather. Ireland is not generally known for its sunny weather but we had a week of sunshine and no rain. #Miracle.

A quick rewind to the day we flew out from SLC. Don’t worry – we weren’t flying til 5 PM. 12 miles at 8.25 min/mile pace. This run felt awesome (despite my getting completely soaked by mile 4). Maybe due to the fact that I was going on vacation – that’ll always brighten your day.

We got into Dublin on Sunday afternoon and chilled out. Monday – I got to run 5 miles with J along the local canal path. Blue skies and lush, green countryside.

Tuesday afternoon – tempo run along the same path but headed in the opposite direction. 5 miles at 7.25 min/mile pace (including one 7.04 minute mile – thank you altitude training).

Wednesday was a leisurely 10 K with my Mom around a local park. It was pretty.


Not in Salt Lake anymore!



The River Liffey.


River views.


Clear blue skies!


So much green!


The little hilly laneway.

Thursday was D-Day. And by D I mean twenty miler day. This was to be the second twenty miler of this training cycle and I was hoping that it would go a lot better than my last one. My Mom has done a bunch of marathons and regularly done her long runs around the Phoenix Park which is just outside Dublin city. So she kindly agreed to act as a guide and bike 20 miles with me (and buy me lunch afterwards!).

I had expected a lot of road running but it turns out my Mom was a trail runner without knowing it and the first 12ish miles consisted of woodland trails, grass and running through freshly cut hay. The second part brought me to a flat and paved canal path. This run went so well. No bonking at all. I felt good at the end and was pretty confident that I could’ve run another 6 miles if I really had to (luckily I went and ate quiche and cheesecake instead).

20 miles at 8.57 min/mile pace

But the best part was my finish.

Mile 16         8.42

Mile 17         8.35

Mile 18         8.26

Mile 19         8.14

Mile 20         7.31

Yes – I somehow managed to finish my 20 mile long run with a 7.31 minute mile. What a way to finish my marathon training.

No aches. No pains. No stomach issues. I felt great for the rest of that day and the next day (which was lucky because Friday was wedding day).

We had a really simple and intimate ceremony with our immediate families followed by the most amazing dinner at one of the best restaurants in the city. Lots of Prosecco, great food and great wine. You know a meal is great when they serve a pre-dessert of raspberry and chocolate macaroons.

A quick and easy run on Satruday – 4.2 miles followed by hanging out in our hotel sauna and jacuzzi. Then more partying – and after living away for awhile I can tell you that Irish people sure know how to party.

Sunday was a true recovery day in every sense of the word. And then Monday was…………..Italy!

Friday catch-up

I read about a million running blogs. Seriously. I love reading about people training, racing and finding a way to fit running into their life. I don’t follow many blogs about people getting their kicks on the elliptical everyday of the week. Mainly, because I don’t think they exist. Does anyone, anywhere really prefer relentlessly pounding away on this silly machine to actually going for a run? If you do, I don’t think we can be friends – opposite life view.

The thing I like about the ellipitical is that I can use it without hurting my foot. So it’s got that advantage over running right now. I’ve managed to do 13.5 miles so far this week on my new favorite inanimate object with more to go this weekend. Luckily the weather is really crappy here right now so it’s not too big a sacrifice to confine myself to the indoors.

The foot is feeling a ton better than yesterday. The plan is to see how it feels by the start of next week and take it from there. My calf has also decided to get in on the action and has been super tight. I’m following Sarah’s advice over at runningonhealthy and stretching them out as often as I can. It did take me 4 days to realize that it might be a good idea to wear my compression sleeves to help my calves out. I am not a smart woman.

So that’s where the recovery is at. Elliptical is fine so I’m trying to keep my mileage up. Strength training is fine. Yoga and climbing are out. PSA: Squeezing a sore foot into teeny climbing shoes or resting on the front of your feet during upward facing dog do not help with foot pain.

I have been enjoying some delicious eats. Burger with sweet potato fries (my new absolute favorite thing to eat) and Mexican skillet zucchini.


I’ve been having a ton of salad for lunch this week. I think it’s a form of rebellion against our cold and rainy weather. Plus mango.

IMG_0761 IMG_0760

And finally, Dijon salmon (amazing!) with parsnip mash. For this mash I swap out milk and butter for Greek yogurt and lemon zest.


Does anyone else get excited for what they plan on cooking at the weekends? I’m planning on making lemon-cranberry scones and some homemade granola bars. Just have to work for 4 more hours.

Day 31 – Down dog

Last night I got home from work and had about 30 mins to eat before I had to start getting ready for yoga class. So I made my go-to pasta dish – chicken, artichoke, red onion whole wheat spaghetti with a mozzarella-tomato-arugual (rocket) salad. 25 mins all in.


Then yoga class. This was a mixture of core plus some deep stretching. A perfect way to work up a sweat and then stretch it out. My legs were a little rough after PT earlier but it felt pretty good. I even managed to do halfmoon pose and reverse halfmoon. Poses that I always struggle with. It seems as if all those leg strengthening exercises I’ve been doing have actually been strengthening my legs. Who would have guessed?

As I mentioned yesterday it’s been a while since I’ve made it to this class and the instructor was wondering where I’d been. She also talked during the class about how much progress all her regulars had been making. I’d like to think that was especially for me!

My local yoga studio is about 0.5 mile from my house so I usually walk there and back. I feel like it preps me for class and gives me time to clear my head. Although when I walk back in the dark I always get creeped out by this statue.


I’m convinced that one night this little girl statue is going to turn her head and look up at me. Maybe I’ve been watching too many horror movies.

This morning was back to the training plan. 4 miles at 8.36 min/mile pace taking it nice and easy. I can definitely notice the mornings getting brighter and I saw 6 other runners out this morning. For the last couple of months I have seen nobody. At my PT office yesterday the receptionist lady also mentioned how busy they are because running season has just resumed – well except for all the people who have been braving it all winter.

Today was just a regular run until I hit the park. It’s about a mile away and I like to do shorter runs there because I don’t have to stop for lights or watch for cars. Plus there’s an older gentleman who seems to walk there every morning who always says hi to me.

This time as I was entering the park there was a lady there with two dogs – both unleashed. One stayed by here side while the other starting running towards me. Now I like most dogs but I get a little nervous when I’m meeting a dog for the first time. This dog looked pretty friendly but you never know. So I stopped and walked and let the dog sniffed me out. Whatever he smelled he wasn’t interested and left me alone. All this time his owner never said a word. No calling him back or apologizing to me who was clearly sketched out by the situation.

I think it was her reaction more than the dog’s behavior that annoyed me so I told her she should leash her dog (you know obey the law). But it put me in a bad mood for the rest of my run. I’m not a confrontational person and I like to think the best of people so it bothered me for the whole morning.

Luckily for me I’m going to hit the climbing gym tonight and forget all about it!