After visiting family and friends in Ireland we wanted to spend a week in Europe to fully relax and unwind. For this trip we decided to base ourselves in Ghent, Belgium. My husband is a huge beer fan and I wanted to check out some of the cities and eat moules-frites and waffles. Here are some of our highlights.

Bruges: F*cking Bruges! A beautifully preserved city where we had the most amazing mussels. Super busy in August but worth the trip – it’s a 25 minute train ride from Ghent.

Brussels: We had visited Brussels before when we lived in Scotland but my husband’s favorite brewery was there (Cantillon) so we had to go back. We visited the Grand Place which is always amazing and includes the Belgian Brewers Guild (just for the die-hards). Comics are really big in Belgium and there was a ton of really cool street art.

Ghent: We stayed in an Airbnb right in the historic center of Ghent. It was easy to walk around the tourist area – to bars, a random music festival, restaurants and the sights. We got a city pass that included bike rental and we made like the locals and headed out along the canals into the countryside. I can’t emphasize enough how absolutely everyone uses a bike to get around. It was so cool to see.

Originally, Belgium wasn’t my first choice but I am so glad we went. The towns were so pretty, the beer was amazing, we had some great food and were able to completely relax after the craziness of visiting our families.

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