Good news, better news and a cold hard fact

Good news! My PT doesn’t want to see me again. I’m symptom free for my hip adductor, and my external rotation is – well, not exactly in the normal ranger – in the “normal for Sarah” range. I’ve been doing hip stretches for months and they are finally opening up a little more. Imagine lying on your stomach with your lower legs perpendicular to the floor. Your legs should flop over to each side. For a normal person, your legs can flop inwards to an angle of about 45 degrees – this is a measure of your external rotation. When I first came in my measurements were in the teens with a huge difference between my right and left legs. Last week both were around 30 degrees. Progression! But – cold hard fact time – this reduced rotation (which is probably due to my anatomy) is going to be an issue for me forever, and I am more likely to get injured because of it – specifically over-loading muscles to compensate. That was not awesome to hear but that’s how it is. I will have to work on it as long as I want to continue running.

The other good news: I correctly diagnosed myself with an Achilles problem. I talked to my PT about it and learned some stretches to work on (eccentric heel drops) and to avoid hills for a while. But, and I’m quoting here, this is the one kind of injury that you can run through. What? Ok! As long as the pain stays low and is improving then you can keep running. So that’s what I’ve been doing. It is improving, albeit very slowly – and it can take up to three months to completely heal. I do have an appointment set up for October but if I’m feeling ok I have the go-ahead to cancel it.

Side note: Graston on tight calves hurts like a mofo.

Monday: 3.5 miles @ 9.03 pace. HR: 149 bpm. Bike commute to work 11 miles round trip.

Nice and easy run with the pup to start the week. Although she wanted to stop and smell everything!

Tuesday: Bike commute to work 11 miles round trip. PT appointment.

Wednesday: 4.75 miles @ 8.57 pace. HR: 155 bpm. Bike commute to work 11 miles round trip.

Another early morning run with the pup. My first mile in the mornings is always significantly slower than the rest. I guess it’s figuring out why we’re running in the dark at 6 am instead of staying in bed.

Thursday: Rest.

We had a big storm rolling in to the valley on Thursday so I decided to drive to work and take it easy. And find my fall boots – it’s been a while.

Friday: 5.5 miles @ 8.04 pace. HR: 161 bpm.

It was supposed to rain all day Friday, so originally I planned to hit the treadmill after work but I just couldn’t face being cooped up in the gym. Plus, there was a football game on campus and traffic was going to be a mess. So I braved the rain and decided I would run home. This would give me another chance to practice on a small section of my half marathon course. And I’m Irish – I’m used to rain. My husband was planning on pacing his friend later that day for about 30 miles of a 100 mile race in the rain and snow so I figured I could run for 45ish minutes in a light drizzle. The rain also resulted in this being an impromptu tempo run -> 8.38/7.54/7.42/7.40/8.33. These are the first sub 8 minute miles I’ve ran since my Parkrun 5K back in August so that was a nice confidence boost – although there was a lot of elevation loss (without having gained it first) so it felt a little like cheating. Hopefully, I can get a couple more tempo-style runs in before the race on October 22nd.

Saturday: Gym day! Arms, core and PT exercises.

Sunday: 8.9 miles @ 8.49 pace. HR: 157 bpm.

The storm really cooled down temperatures here in SLC so this was a pretty pleasant run. I tried to keep it as flat as possible – which is actually pretty difficult here in Salt Lake. The route I chose “only” had an elevation gain of 270 ft, but 120 ft of that was in mile 8 so that was a little tough. Oh and I had weird stomach issues and – hopefully not TMI – but I had to sprint home to make it to the bathroom. This is a new one for me. Usually, my stomach is pretty solid and I’ve never had problems in any of my long runs before. I’m hoping it was a one-off but it was not pleasant.

Weekly total: 22.65 miles.

Tempos: love them or hate them?

How flat/hilly is your city?



3 thoughts on “Good news, better news and a cold hard fact

  1. So happy to hear that you got some good news and at least know what you need to do. I haven’t done Graston but heard it is so painful, but totally worth it. Glad you also got the Achilles issue figured out and can continue to run. I have found that light heat before a run with Achilles issues can work wonders and keep things pliable/avoid tightness.

  2. Best wishes for a full speedy recovery, and nice job knowing exactly what you thought was wrong with you! So my routes in NYC are not hilly at all, as I always run along the river, but upstate by my parents’ house, it’s nonstop hills. Best of both worlds in NY!

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