So I guess I’m training for a half marathon?

Hello again! It’s been a couple of weeks since my last post – and usually that is a bad thing. When my running is not going well I tend to avoid writing about it but not this time. I am happy to say that my running is actually going well and it turns out that I am on week 3 of a half marathon training program.

Say what? When I last checked in I had completed my run-walk program and had completed my first 30 min run. The next couple of weeks were a little hit and miss. My pain in my leg was pretty low but I had a few things pop up that scared the bejaysus out of me: tight calves (always terrifying to someone who has strained their calf twice) and outer knee pain (also something I’ve dealt with before). Cue a couple of days of panic. But some stretching, rolling and religiously doing my PT exercises has resolved everything. Now I’m enjoying pain-free runs – well except that pain of being out of shape.

This return to running has luckily coincided with the start of my half marathon training. I signed up for a race here in SLC on September 10th. My main goal is to get through the next 12 weeks in one piece and I’m pretty confident that will happen and I’m hoping that my PT will agree when I see her next week. My current plan is nothing crazy: run 4 (maybe up to 5) days a week. Right now my weekday runs are 3-4.5 miles and my first two long runs were 5 and 6 miles respectively. All at easy paces. No speedwork. I’m aiming to increase distance 10% per week and I know from experience that increasing distance with speedwork just does not work with my body.

So here’s what’s been happening:

Week 1:

6/20: 3.9 miles@ 8.54 pace

6/22: 3.9 miles @8.48 pace

6/24: 3.3 miles @8.59 pace

6/26: 5.0 miles @8.30 pace

Weekly total: 16.1 miles

Week 2:

6/28: 4.1 miles @8.53 pace

6/30: 3.8 miles @9.13 pace

7/1: 3.9 miles @8.55 pace

7/4: 6.0 miles @8.29 pace

Weekly total: 17.8 miles

Week 3:

7/6: 4.5 miles @8.50 pace

7/7: 3.85 miles @9.06 pace

The highlights (besides being pain-free) were those longer runs – I cannot wait to get out and spend some time out on the road and managing two days in a row. This wasn’t ideal but we spent Saturday and Sunday hiking in the Uintas (a mountain range about 1.5 hours from SLC). This meant a 8.5 mile hike in and a night spent camping by one of the many lakes (Baynes lake I think). So much cooler (in the 60s) with beautiful scenery (just in case you thought Utah was all desert) but so many mosquitos. It was great to get away from it all but a rude awakening to carry a backpack on mountain trails – the whole time we were at 10000ft.

And the best part: my legs were just fine. Tired feet and sore hips from carrying 30lbs (you gotta have some backpacking wine!) but those legs – I think they might be back to normal.

16 thoughts on “So I guess I’m training for a half marathon?

  1. yayyy for legs feeling good and best wishes for this training and race! also, as always, LOVE your photos. you seriously have an amazing backdrop in which to run.

  2. I love the mountains in Utah… so pretty! I didn’t realize how beautiful they were until I moved here! I’m glad that you’re all healed up from your injury… which half are you training for?

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