Return to running

I was going to title this “Injury Update” but I thought that was a little inaccurate. I’m not really injured but I’m not yet back to normal – kinda in the purgatory of recovery. The good news is that I’m running again. As in actually putting on my shoes and running non-stop. And it’s amazing.

I’m not the type who thinks that running cleanses my soul/gives me spiritual meaning – I’m much to practical for that. But it is something that I really really enjoy doing. I like the simple task of putting on my shoes and seeing what my body can do. Sometimes it’s fun, a lot of times it’s hard and most of the time it feels like second nature. And I can do it again.

My first non-stop (after weeks of run-walking) was on May 30th and was a great way to finish the month. Right now, I’m working with my PTs (yes – plural) and am cleared for running every other day, starting with 30 mins and increasing 10% per week as long as there is no increase in pain.

Luckily this coincides with the start of training for my next half marathon. in 12 weeks time I’ll be running down one of our local canyons. This won’t be a goal race because, well see above, and also we are doing a ton of travel this summer (first world problems yo). I have a second race late in October that finishes one mile from my house with pizza so my goal for that is to get to that pizza as quickly as I can.

The plan is to run 3-4 times a week, gradually building up my mileage and not really worrying about pace. Mostly, I’ve been running with the pup before work with a solo run at the weekend. This Saturday I ran my longest, fastest, lowest pain run in forever.

Screen Shot 2016-06-19 at 17.29.05I might also have accidentally found my way into a race in my local park and it was nice to get some words of encouragement even if I wasn’t the lead lady. One day……..

You might notice that I said this was the lowest pain run and not pain-free. I still haven’t had that breakthrough. My first week of running was a little rough, so my PT and I decided that I should take another week before increasing mileage. Luckily, since then the pain has decreased on every run. Also, pain might be the wrong word. It’s not a sharp pain, more like a discomfort that I’m constantly expecting to rear it’s ugly head. The take-home message is that things are getting better……….finally!

What else I’m working on: strengthening those hips and glutes. And that seems to be working. I made significant strength gains in both legs and am continuing to work on that. We did an analysis of my form and that has also improved – more hip stability and perfect cadence (180 spm!). The one thing that has come out of all of this is my limited range of motion in my left leg which we think has been the cause of all my problems – and I’ll probably do a more detailed post about that later.

Bike commuting! For the last three weeks I’ve been cycling to work. I bought a single speed from a friend and finally got it back from the shop complete with 2 extra gears and a rear brake.ย  It’s about 11.5 miles there and back but all uphill (about 600ft) in the morning and takes 35-40 minutes depending on traffic/lights/the tiredness of my legs. I’m really loving it right now although by the end of the week my legs are pretty tired – especially if I’ve been running beforehand. I’m hoping that cumulative fatigue will help in the long run.

Yoga – still doing some hot yoga. I’m trying for once a week. Every time I go I think that it’s the sweatiest I’ve ever been in my life. Do you ever get used to the heat?

I’ve started June on such a great note and I’m quietly hoping that it will continue.



6 thoughts on “Return to running

  1. Hanna @ TheMillennialNextDoor says:

    Glad you’re doing well and that your month is off to such a great start! I also don’t think running cleanses my soul or gives my life meaning. I’m glad you said that because I was beginning to feel like I was the only runner who doesn’t think that running is some kind of religious experience or something. Guess they won’t be asking us to write columns for Runners World anytime soon ๐Ÿ˜‰

    I’m not sure you ever get used to the heat in hot yoga, but are you supposed to get used to it? I mean, wouldn’t that kind of defeat the purpose? ๐Ÿ™‚

    • I think I’m too pragmatic for my own good. I’m not sure I’ve even had a real runner’s high – maybe I’m doing it all wrong LOL! And in yoga I think my sweat is sweating.

  2. Glad to hear you are feeling better and on the way to full strength! I like the idea of running being soul cleansing and all that but in reality? Not so much. I run to run. If I can clear my head sometimes- great. If not, well I’ll run anyways.

    • I agree! I don’t really think about much when I’m running – mostly about how I’m running and how my body is feeling – although sometimes I’ll work on awesome comebacks if I’m someone is bothering me. No cleansed soul though – probably why yoga isn’t transcendental for me either.

  3. I’m so happy to hear that you are recovering and running more and more. Your description of purgatory made me laugh out loud. I totally get it! Hot yoga is such a great thing to keep you strong and healthy. You probably will always sweat like crazy. Most often, the better shape you are in, the more you will sweat in there. In yoga they also look at the skin as an organ, and sweating it out is a form of purging. I like thinking of it like that.

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