Recent travels

Well, it’s been a couple of weeks – and the craziness of summer has started over here. We’ve had two trips out of town and some hot hot weather.

Over Memorial weekend we decided to head down to the desert because – the desert is awesome. We drove to the San Rafael Swell – an area in central Utah bordering I70 that is usually immune from the craziness of Moab and Zion. We scored this amazing campsite and did some exploring.


We hiked by the San Rafael river, making our way towards a natural arch. One surprise was coming across an airstrip – that apparently is still in working order because there were people who had flown in to camp.

IMG_20160528_140941IMG_20160528_162009We bushwhacked our way towards the arch – along some beautiful red walls and the quiet of a real out-of-the way place. We turned around just in time to get rained on which is a little unusual in the desert.

IMG_20160528_150014IMG_20160528_150018The next day we explored some more side canyons – Pine and Cow Creek. And Sophie got her first desert experience.

On the way home we swung by the Little Grand Canyon.

IMG_20160529_125447Can you believe that this viewpoint is just a 3 hour drive from our house?

After a short week at work we then did a 180 and headed for the big city – St Louis. We were traveling for a wedding and had a bunch of really fun weekend events – including the big day – spread out over the weekend, but we did get to do the two touristy things that I really really wanted to experience when I was there.

We had booked the Beermaster tour months ago. This is a small tour – we only had 6 people – that lasts about 2 hours and you basically get to see everything you could want to see around the brewery – and taste beer at different stages of the process. It was surprisingly enjoyable – especially the historic aspects. It turns out that a bunch of the buildings are historical landmarks and are incredibly ornate. And the clydesdale horses live right there too.

IMG_20160604_121936IMG_20160604_103030 We also visited the Arch – which is an experience. It is undergoing renovation right now to build a new visitors center and museum but you can still go to the top. And the trip to the top is in small futuristic pods – futuristic in the 1960s sense of the world. But the view from the top was pretty cool and the structure itself is impressive.

IMG_20160605_102456IMG_20160605_104849Now, are travels are done for a couple of months. So time to focus on fun stuff around SLC. And right now I’m doing that on a combination of two almost pain-free legs and two wheels. More on the injury saga – spoiler things are looking good – and my return to bike commuting later.


10 thoughts on “Recent travels

  1. Hanna @ TheMillennialNextDoor says:

    Wow, beautiful! Jealous of your adventures. We have a camping trip coming up next month and I wish it were sooner. I’m really craving a getaway.

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