Treating yourself

Recovery week! Or two weeks. We’ll see. Every time I run a half I know that I should expect some DOMS but I forget how much it hurts. Damn muscles. I was fine by Wednesday. Well, fine is relative. My muscle soreness was gone but it was clear that my left leg was still not quite right. So I finally did the sensible thing and called my physical therapist’s office. Luckily, I got a next day appointment and was ready to find out what is going on with this darn leg.

It turns out that my hips and glutes are still pretty weak and my right leg is still considerably weaker than my left. Same old same old. But it all makes sense. My left leg is taking more of the load than the left because it is stronger. This basically means that there is more force going through it with each step so that’s probably the reason why it’s been so unhappy. It’s working overtime while rightie is slacking off. So we’re working on evening out this strength imbalance.

The other issue is my weak glutes and the lack of rotation i.e. flexibility in my hips – especially my left one. So there’s a lot to fix. He prescribed some plank, squat and clamshell variations to work on this. No running for another week – which is just fine by me and he’s predicting that I should be able to get back to it pretty soon. Fingers crossed.

So all in all a pretty good visit. It’s obvious what’s wrong. I also have genu valgum (which sounds like a Harry Potter spell) which means I have knock-knees. There’s a clear plan of action to get me where I need to be and my PT thinks my actual injury (pain in my quad) isn’t serious so we’ll mostly focus on correcting my biomechanics. I’m actually excited to get started. Thinking back over my (relatively short) running career I do my best when under supervision. My first marathon training cycle was pretty perfect 18 weeks and no pain or missed runs and it was after working with my PT for six months. Maybe I’m better off getting some help to keep my body on track?

But I’m still riding my post-race high. It was my fastest half marathon in two years. And I did what any normal person would do – sign up for next year’s race. April 22nd 2017 if you want to join me. This time around for $4 extra you could buy insurance so that if you can’t make it you get a full refund.

Then the shopping continued……..


My husband used the Pfitzinger program for his BQ and this is the equivalent book for ever other distance. I’ve just started reading it but I’m excited to learn more. My next race is a half marathon in September and I’d love to use one of his plans but we’ll see where my body is at in a couple of months.

Then I just stopped by to check out what was on sale at Do yourself a favor and do not make this mistake! They have a ton a super cute tanks and shorts including this purple Oiselle tank. I also bought my first pair of compression booty shorts because why not?


How do you treat yourself after a race?


6 thoughts on “Treating yourself

  1. those running clothes are so cute! I seriously wish i lived closer to you. I help people with weak hips/caving inward knees everyday. It’s so important for runners especially females to strengthen the glutes & hips. My chiro FINALLY told me (tuesday) that my left hip is 100% normal and strong. It takes a long time for those imbalances to even out. You just have to keep working on it as part of your program and be patient. πŸ™‚

  2. ahhhh i’m such a sucker for cute running clothes (but like, aren’t we all??) and am prob going to hit that site up righhhht aft this comment. πŸ™‚ how do i treat myself aft a race, hmm…brunch, wine, sleep, relax at the lake.

  3. Hanna @ TheMillennialNextDoor says:

    After my race I am going to treat myself to another new pair of K-Deer capris (they are kind of a splurge, so one pair is definitely a treat!). I just love my current pair so much, and since I want to do yoga this summer, well, I can’t wear the same pants to the studio every week now can I??? Hehe. This is all under the condition that I don’t go too crazy at the marathon expo.

  4. I’m a great one for treating myself with food – either a nice dinner out or taking a Sunday off to head out for a big breakfast. Makes all those weeks of intense training and sensible food choices worthwhile!

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