Half marathon training Week 11

Less than a week to go until half marathon number 5. It’s really happening. Gulp!

Last week I had a great confidence-boosting 15K race and this week was mostly trying to keep that momentum without aggravating my mortal enemy i.e. my left leg which has been bothering me since January.

Sunday: 30 mins on the stationary bike – a little over 7 miles. Since I’ve cut back on my running days I’ve added some easy biking in place of recovery runs. Low setting and taking it really easy but a great way to get the legs moving after some hard workouts. On Sunday, I decided to do some extra strength works and boy was I (and particularly my a$$) feeling it for the next couple of days.

Monday: 6 miles at 9.13 pace. Treadmill again. Spending all of this time running indoors has let me catch up with the Gilmore Girls. I never watched this when it was on tv but I am totally digging it. I only watch it while doing cardio at the gym so it’s extra motivation to get those treadmill and bike miles done.

Tuesday: 30 mins on the bike and some strength work – mostly legs and core. Working on keeping those hips and glutes strong.

Wednesday: Last real workout of this training cycle. 7.3 mile progression run starting at 8.34 and finishing the last 0.3 miles at 7.47 pace. Felt tough but not impossible. Boy, am I a sweaty mess during these runs – I’m continuously surprised at how much liquid ends up on the treadmill. Yuck!

Thursday: Rest!

Friday: 6.7 miles at 8.34. Solid run. The only downside was some slight pain in my peroneal tendon (the one on the outside of the ankle) on my – of course – left leg. Over the past couple of months I’ve had a bone and muscle injury in this leg so it seems fitting that my tendons get in on the action. It’s more of a mild irritation and I’m hopeful that I can get to the starting line in one piece and then take some time off. #RunnerLogic.

Saturday: 3o mins on the bike plus some core and strength work. This even included some arm stuff. And a rare moment in the gym where I was actually admiring my own legs. Usually, working out in front of the mirror is a checklist in what I would like to improve in my physique so it was nice to feel some positive vibes.

Sunday: 10 miles at 8.47 pace. Last long run of this cycle. 8 miles on the half marathon course and it felt great. 700ft loss in elevation – woohoo! – but also 350 ft in gain. It felt great and I felt so ready to run this race. The only downside was a reappearance of that peroneal pain (boo!). Lots of stretching, rolling and icing (plus some ibuprofen) to get me ready for that start line.

On the schedule for this week – two short easy runs and then showtime.


6 thoughts on “Half marathon training Week 11

  1. Hanna @ TheMillennialNextDoor says:

    You are going to do so great!!! Can’t wait to hear about it. Hope you’re enjoying taper!

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