Did you know that it’s possible to hit the wall during a 10K? I think I managed it on Saturday at the RUNSLC 10k. So you can tell it went pretty well LOL!

This race series is so well organized and managed to find the only flat 10K route in Salt Lake City. Packet pick-up took 3 minutes on Friday – I timed it! No medal or t-shirt but some cool aluminum pint glasses – although there was a delay in shipping so I’m not going to pick mine up until the 15K in April. Last year it was coffee mugs so it’s nice that they mix it up.

The race starts and ends at the running store which luckily is only two miles from my house. My husband dropped me there at 7.20 am and I did a two mile warm-up. This was pretty slow and my legs felt heavy but I hoped that I would feel better once the race started. But on the plus side – no shin splint issues. I got back to the store at 7.50 am and dropped my stuff (my running vest and an extra layer) at the bag drop and lined up nearish the front. At 8 am we were off.

And I immediately felt………….well, off. It felt hard straight away and I knew it would be a tough race. The route was an out-and-back which has it’s good and bad points. Personally, I like seeing the leaders at the turn-around and seeing who is in front of me. But knowing what is ahead of me can make the second half of the race seem much tougher. The first four miles went pretty smoothly (7: 39/7:25/7:39/7:37) but then things got hard. I knew that I was fifth woman and I was running pretty much running by myself so there was no real motivation to push any harder. I could feel myself slowing down (8:08/8:03) finishing in 47:52 (7:43 pace). But that was as fast as I could go for this race. About 90 seconds slower than my PR but 90 seconds faster than the same race last year. I kept my position as fifth woman and second in my age group.

This race was a bit of a wake-up call as to where my current fitness is right now. I had hoped that I could get all six miles under 8 pace but that’s not where my body is right now. I know that I should be happy considering I had to take two weeks completely off from running to recover from shin splints and my lack of long runs means that I just don’t have the endurance I need to get closer to a 45 minute 10 K. I need to be patient and know that if I’m consistent then those paces will come back, but it’s hard not to compare yourself with your best self. But I need to train with my current fitness and not my desired fitness. Ok. Enough with the pity party.

Here’s a photo from the awards ceremony (I’m on the left). The prizes are gift certificates for the store. So far I’ve gotten $50 which isn’t bad considering the registration was close to $80. I’m going to treat myself to some new shoes once my half marathon is over. And this race has given me a better idea of what my goal for this half should be!




12 thoughts on “RUNSLC 10 K

  1. Congrats on a great race and your 5th overall finish! That is awesome. I completely understand how you felt with this race. It was kind of how I felt at my 10K in February – my legs didn’t feel like they had that pep and I couldn’t move any faster. The race didn’t go badly, but it wasn’t as much of an improvement as I’d hoped it would be. But like you, I felt that fatigue during my warm up. You had a great time, you won an award and you ran faster than you ran the course last year – winning!

  2. That’s still a great time–90 seconds off your PR is nothing to sneeze at, especially after time off! Like you said, just be patient and keep working, and you’ll get your fitness back.

  3. Congrats! I know it wasn’t an ideal finish but still pretty awesome anyway. And you won a prize…I haven’t actually won a certificate before but I would totally say that is like winning money 😉 Great job pushing yourself. You will be surprised how it all starts coming together soon.

  4. Hanna @ TheMillennialNextDoor says:

    Congrats!! Sorry this didn’t go the way you wanted it to, but in reading your recap, I’m not sure that’s a reflection on your fitness. It sounds like you clearly had it in you to go faster but just weren’t motivated to push, and your last two miles were only a few seconds away from sub-8, so I think you are definitely there – the pieces just didn’t come together on this particular day for whatever reason. I think we all have a tendency to judge ourselves way too harshly based on race performances and forget that a race is one day out of hundreds that we run.

  5. Congratulations on your second place AG! That’s great! I am sorry the race didn’t go like you had hoped but 47 minutes after 2 weeks off with shin pain is kind of awesome. A gift certificate is a great award- who doesn’t want new running stuff?

  6. Maybe it wasn’t what you would’ve liked but that’s pretty darn good for an assessment run! You’ll only get better from there and that’s already pretty damn good! Congrats!

  7. nicely done, and congrats on placing (and getting more than half your registration back!). you crushed it, even if it didn’t feel great to you.

  8. That’s still some great running even if you don’t feel at your peak. I’ve been having a similar struggle as I return from injury – my legs want to run at the pace they always did, but my endurance isn’t quite up to par so I’m having to slow down. Frustrating, but something to work on.

    • Thanks Allison! IT’s so frustrating – I’ve been dealing with injuries on and off for the last year and I’m just so over it. I just want some pain-free running! And I”m sure that you understand – unfortunately…..

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