Half marathon training: Injury interruption.

Monday 2/15: 2 mile hike. President’s day hike in the foothills with this girl.


Tuesday 2/16: 3 mile elliptical. I am coping pretty well with my injury-imposed sojurn to the elliptical. This is mostly due to being able to watch Netflix on my phone. This past week I finally got up to date with Scandal.

Wednesday 2/17: 4.35 mile elliptical. 45 min tempo…………on the elliptical. 10 minute warm-up, 25 minute harder and 5 minute cooldown. Does anyone else feel super slow on the elliptical? I feel like I can never move as fast I would like.

Thursday 2/18: Rest!

Friday 2/19: 3 mile elliptical.

Saturday 2/20: 8.5 mile elliptical. My original schedule (which has now totally gone out of the window) called for a 90 minute long slow run – so I turned it into a 90 minute stint on the elliptical. I watched most of August: Osage County – one totally dysfunctional family. Followed by a mile run-walk around the indoor track. I just had to see how my leg felt – and it was all good news.

All workouts this week were supplemented with weight training – either my PT hip and butt exercises or actually lifting of heavy things. At least 15 minutes a day as part of February’s StrongBody Streak.

Sunday 2/21: Skiing! I live an hour from 10 different ski resorts, and this season I’ve been skiing a total of zero times. But spring skiing has finally arrived. Blue skies and temperatures in the low 30s. It was time to find my skis and hit the slopes with some friends.


We hit up Powder Mountain – about an hour north of Salt Lake City and one of the quieter ski resorts. Also, the only ski resort where you have to ski down a run to get on your first lift. The snow was skiing so well – not icy in the morning and not much melting after lunch. We glided down a whole bunch of runs – and my quads only burned towards the end of the day. So much fun!  I guess I’m a fair weather skier. And the views were pretty incredible. You could even see the Great Salt Lake.

A great week overall. And my second rest (at least from running) week. This week was the chance to see how my shin splints have healed. So far, so good. Fingers crossed it’ll stay that way.

I’m finished with Scandal on Netflix. What do I need to watch next?


17 thoughts on “Half marathon training: Injury interruption.

  1. so obsessed with Scandal! i finished seasons 1-4 last year and decided i had to wait til 5 came out on Netflix to watch the whole thing, BUT then this past week i totally caved and watched a few episodes On Demand…and now i’m back in the full swing of needing it in my life. ugh. i’ve switched to Blue Bloods (as per my parents’ doing, b/c they love it) and am really enjoying that, too. love the actors.

    • The last season definitely had a cliffhanger ending. I kinda want to imagine Fitz and Olivia being happy together for a while before I find out what calamity crops up in this current season. I’ll have to try Blue Bloods. I’m also thinking about the Good Wife which I’ve heard is really great too.

  2. I never feel like I got a good workout on the elliptical. Rock broke his toe recently and spent a few weeks on the elliptical. He is really tall and was trying to feel like he was getting a good workout in. He said he felt like a psycho at the gym and figured everyone thought he must be crazy 🙂

    • It was so good to get out on those skis again – it’s been too long. I’ve been working out during my lunch break – I get a nice walk and then work out any frustrations from my morning and go back for a much calmer afternoon – and I find that I’m much more motivated than in the early mornings.

  3. I am so jealous of your ski pictures! Our conditions sucked here this year. However, last season we had an incredible amount of snow and I was injured (Achilles) from running so I spent a ton of time skiing. It was awesome and probably the best cross training! I love your Rossis 🙂 I have a pair of Armadas that I love, but I’m thinking it might be time for a new pair in the next year or so. I can’t believe how much time you were on the elliptical. That is so awesome! I wish I liked the elliptical more because I think it is an excellent form of cross training. I hope your shins feel better soon!

    • Shins are feeling so much better – so I’ve been able to avoid the elliptical for now. My husband got these skis for my 30th birthday and they are so great. All mountain skis so they work great on the groomers but are a little wider than normal underfoot so you can stay up a little if you happen upon a powder day. Plus they are super cute which is always nice!

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