Friday musings

The Barkley Marathons: Some friends has recommended this movie a while ago and we found it for $7 on Amazon – and it is a must-see. Check out the wikipedia entry on the marathon (really 100+ miler run in the woods of Tennessee with over 50,000 ft of climbing, no course markings, aid stations, which can start at any time within a 12 hour window signaled by the lighting of the race director’s cigarette) here.

Speaking of movies: We headed to the Banff Mountain Film Festival on Wednesday. This is a touring festival of movies related to mountain life – either crazy adrenaline-filled adventures, or learning about the life of mountain cultures. This year we saw an awesome documentary called Unbranded about four young guys who travel from the Mexican to Canadian border on adopted mustangs. Beautifully shot with some entertaining characters and a message about the importance of conserving our wilderness.

Fingers crossed. I learned this week that I might be going to a conference in San Diego in May. As much as I love the desert and mountains, sometimes I just need to get a glimpse of the ocean. Living in Ireland (and Scotland) you really take it for granted! I’m dreaming of oceanside runs already.

Fingers crossed #2: My shins are feeling so much better! After a week and a half off from running they feel totally normal – no more twinges going down stairs. To be completely sensible (a new departure for me), I am taking the two weeks of rest recommended by my doctor. Hopefully, these extra days off will get me back to healthy running more quickly. And because I need to cross train, this week looks like that’s going to involve my first ski day of the year.

A teaser: On Monday, my husband and I went for a short hike with Sophie in the foothills near where we work. I’ve run on the trails here for the last year or so but this time we went on a new trail and it got me excited to explore more of these trails this year – I can literally go there for some morning or lunchtime runs. I just need my left leg to cooperate.


How was your week? Any trail runners out there?


7 thoughts on “Friday musings

  1. That’s so pretty. I’m not a trail runner but I am an occasional hiker and like the idea of trail running but don’t know how to get into it. I may explore this more in the future, when I am done training for my current half marathon.

  2. Hanna @ TheMillennialNextDoor says:

    Glad your shins are feeling better! Over the holidays my boyfriend watched Unbranded while I did a puzzle, so I only paid attention off and on but what I did hear/see sounded great. The Barkley Marathons sounds so interesting! I’ve lived on one of the Great Lakes for 4.5 years now and I’ve learned not to take it for granted. I don’t think I ever get tired of the lakeside view on my runs. I would feel weird moving back to someplace where I’m not near a body of water – although a mountain view would certainly ease that separation anxiety!

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