A break in the regular schedule

With my half marathon training schedule interrupted by the unwelcome arrival of shin splints my weekend was wide open. Ideally, I should have gone to the gym and spent some time on the elliptical but surprisingly that didn’t sound very tempting. Plus, our air quality has been terrible – the advice is to limit time spent outside because it is unhealthy to the breathe the air. It seemed like the perfect opportunity to escape to the desert.

We loaded our car and headed south early on Saturday morning. Driving 4.5 hours south landed us across the border in Nevada with blue skies and temperatures around 70F. We found a dirt road that headed into BLM land and started scouting for a camp site. Interestingly, we passed the Bundy ranch. These are the guys involved in the standoff with the FBI in the wildlife refuge in Oregon and who owe about 1 million dollars in grazing fees.

We ended up in prime ATV land but things quietened down by sunset leaving us to our fire in peace. We spent our Valentine’s weekend drinking beer and chatting by an open fire.

And it was this girl’s first camping trip.


We were treated to a beautiful sunset (and sunrise) and perfect camping temperatures. It’s hard to explain the restorative effect of spending some time in this scenery but it was exactly the recharge I needed and made me long for some more desert adventures this year.

And even better, once we got back to Salt Lake the air had cleared out and we swapped our beautiful desert scenery for some hiking in the snowy (for now) foothills.

A perfect weekend and now I’m ready to cross train like there’s no tomorrow!


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