Half marathon training week 2

Monday 2/1: Speedwork 7 x 400 m. I did this on the treadmill – it was snowing in the morning so not conducive to running fast outside.

1.5 mile warm-up at 9:13 pace

7 x 400 m at 6:58 pace with 400 m recoveries at 9:13 pace

0.5 mile cooldown at 9:13 pace

This was my first ever formal speedwork session (and in hindsight maybe the training session that put my shins over the edge) and I loved it. I guess I learned that I love to run fast. Now I just have to wait until my legs will let me do it again.

Tuesday 2/2: 3 miles at 10:28 pace. I started this on the trail by my work until I realized that the snow had not been packed down but was a couple of inches deep and not made for running – snowshoeing maybe, but definitely not running. I bailed onto the sidewalk and had a pretty crappy run.

Wednesday 2/3: 30 minutes tempo. 10 minutes at 9:13 pace, 15 minutes at 7:19 pace and 5 minutes at 9:13. This was my best tempo run maybe ever. The pace felt uncomfortable but not impossible. I was pretty psyched leaving the gym (another treadmill run unfortunately) and ready to get that 5 K PR.

Thursday 2/4: Rest

Friday 2/5: Rest

Saturday 2/6: RUN SLC 5k and brand new PR.

Sunday 2/7: 4.5 mile easy at 9:27 pace. My heart rate was right where I wanted it, but my shin was not happy which put a dampener on the weeked.

Monday 2/8: Rest and trying to book a doctor’s appointment.

Tuesday 2/9: 3 miles on the elliptical. And a diagnosis: Shin splints. Treatment: take 2 weeks off from running and if symptom free try reintroducing running on soft surfaces.

Wednesday 2/10: 45 min tempo on elliptical. 10 minutes warm-up, 30 minutes at faster pace and 5 minutes cool-down.

Thursday 2/11: Rest day.

One other thing that I’m doing is taking part in Allison’s Strongbody Streak – where you commit to at least 15 minutes of strength work every day in February. So far so good. For me this is mostly doing my PT exercises to strengthen my glutes and a modified version of  MYRTL exercises. I also picked up some dumbbells for the first time in about six months – and was suffering from some serious DOMS the next day. I’m hoping that I can gain some strength during my little break from running. One thing I’ve noticed over the last 3-4 months is that even though I haven’t lost any weight I feel more “toned” – I hate that word – in my lower body and I feel as if my legs are leaner which is pretty nice.

No long run for me this weekend – which coincides with our worst air of the winter so we are contemplating an escape to the desert and we are lucky to have Monday off from work. 70F and sunshine sounds pretty nice right now……..



6 thoughts on “Half marathon training week 2

  1. hope those shin splints clear up soon, girl — such an awful feeling. i had them on and off while marathon training last year and UGH. worst. i meant to partake in Allison’s strength challenge but haven’t hit every day, i don’t think, so i’m more of a “loose” participant. 🙂 had a great strength sesh this am though, so loving that!

    • I know you are all about the whole-body strength training! Allison’s channel really got me focused – although I missed one day when we were camping this weekend. Sorry to hear you had shin splints. They are not fun and I’m hoping they will clear up soon. Fingers crossed.

  2. Ugh, shin splints blow. Compress those suckers! I love strength training. What a great idea. And so glad you like speed work. So many people hate it. I sometimes dread it but then love it once I get going.

    • Got my compression socks on right now! I was so excited to do speedwork although it looks like I might have to strengthen up before I start it again – and I noticed that the track near my work is almost clear of snow.

  3. Hanna @ TheMillennialNextDoor says:

    I know runners who have had shin splints, and they said that one thing that really helped was backward walking. When you start running again, try to emphasize relaxing; shin splints are caused by having super tense muscles while we run (so I hear from people who have suffered through it before). I hope it clears up soon, and I’m glad it’s only two weeks off. I think all the cross and strength you are doing will really help you maintain your fitness and when you run again it will be like no time has passed!! 🙂

    • Thanks for the tips Hanna! The information my doctor gave me is all about heel and calf raises plus lots of calf stretches but I’m always willing to try everything I can. I’m also enjoying the strength stuff and tolerating the elliptical, and hopeful that I can try to run next week.

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