Race calendar for Spring 2016

It’s been over 4 months since my last race and now that my running mojo has returned I’m ready to toe the starting line again. 2015 was a year of PWs so I’m ready to (hopefully) get some shiny new PRs or at least feel strong during my races.

Last winter I signed up for the inaugural RUNSLC winter race series. This is designed to get people ready for the Salt Lake half marathon in mid-April. And it fits in almost perfectly with the tune-up races in my half marathon training plan. Plus, the races start about 2 miles from my house and they have donuts at the finish. Donuts!

Feb 6th: RUNSLC 5K.

I wasn’t able to run the 5K last year due to an injured calf muscle, so this will be my first ever road 5K. Yes – you read that right. My first ever road 5K. My first ever race was a half marathon so I kind of skipped all of the shorter race distances. Also, 5Ks hurt. My 5K PR is from a trail 5K that I did about 18 months ago (23:33) when I was in pretty great shape. The main thing that I remember from this race was feeling like I was going to puke at the finish line. I didn’t but oh my God I did not enjoy the feeling. I’m quietly confident that I will get a PR at the race – unless we get a winter storm the night before – and my plan is to go all out and hold on. That’s how you run 5Ks, right?

March 5th: RUNSLC 10K

I do have a road PR for this -> 46:39! My one and only road 10K. I think I’ll wait until after the 5K to figure out my goal pace for this. One interesting thing about this race series is that you have to cross tram lines twice (out and back), and if there is a tram coming then you just have to wait. Last year I managed to avoid this happening but what can you do? Except curse to yourself a lot if you have to watch a PR slip away?

April 2nd: RUNSLC 15K

This race is two weeks before my goal half marathon and will be my trial run and will hopefully give me the best indicator of how I should plan my half marathon. Last year I ran a little under 8 min/mile pace and I’m hoping to beat that this year -> and make 2016 the year of the PRs!

April 16th: Salt Lake half marathon

Goal race!!!! Hope the weather gods are looking out for me!

After April my calendar is wide open. I’m hoping to hit the trails a lot in the summer and have decided after making some pretty dumb running decisions last year that I will sign up for things closer to the race date. That way I won’t feel bad if I can’t make a race and won’t push it when I need to rest. I want my summer free for backpacking trips and any other adventures that might pop up.


7 thoughts on “Race calendar for Spring 2016

  1. What an awesome schedule! You get to run a 10K on my birthday, SO COOL! I’m March 5th. šŸ™‚ I am running a 10K this Sunday. I hardly get to do that distance – I’m nervous!!!!!

  2. Hanna @ TheMillennialNextDoor says:

    I’ve also been trying to wait to sign up to things closer to the race date instead of over committing. I’ve been burned by that in the past. I also prefer to have my summers free from a strict training schedule – I can relax and enjoy the hard work of this winter while everyone else slogs through their 16 mile runs in 90% humidity šŸ™‚

  3. Looks like a pretty good winter/spring season of running ahead of you! I’ve only signed up for two races; one in June and a double race in September. My list is growing but my pocket book is saying wait šŸ™‚

  4. I am not a fan of 5k runs. Yes, you go all out but I wasn’t built for sprinting…I am a distance girl I am learning over the years.
    Sounds like you have a great line up ahead! Happy running and run your run!

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