Training: T-1 week

Monday: 6.2 miles at 8:29 pace

A much needed day off work (MLK Day), no big plans and some great weather meant an unmissable opportunity to run outside. In sunshine. And with almost clear sidewalks. Win! This run felt so great – and I even managed to surprise myself with a sub-8 mile.

Tuesday: 2.45 miles (to and from the gym)

Another chance to run outside and some strength work.

Wednesday: 5.5 miles. Tempo day! 1.5 miles at 9.13 min/mile pace with 3 tempo miles (7:24/7:19/7:13) and a 0.5 mile cooldown. I tried this workout last week and it was a struggle – I only managed 2 of my 3 tempo miles. This week I felt like a different person.

Thursday: Rest day.

Friday: 3.05 miles on the trail at 10:18 pace. Packed down snow and beautiful view on a lunchtime run. Perfect.

Saturday: 9.1 miles at 8:47 pace. I’ve been doing all of my recent long runs blind. My watch vibrates to let me know when I’ve done a mile but I don’t check my pace until I’m done. I want to practice running by feel and not doing these longer runs too fast so I need to protect myself from myself.

Sunday: 2.6 miles with Sophie. We had a small storm roll through on Saturday night and it dropped 5 inches of new snow. So I brought our pup out with me and it went – well what’s a word between terrible and frustrating? We need to work on our leash skills!

Weekly total: 28.9 miles

Base building is done! Now sh*t gets real. Half marathon training is on. It actually started with my Sunday snow run. This allows everything to fit better with my current work schedule and basically breaks down into:

Sunday: Short, easy run

Monday: Workout. Hill repeats or intervals

Tuesday: Short, easy run

Wednesday: Tempo

Thursday: Rest

Friday: Short run – easy or race pace on alternate weeks.

Saturday: Long run

With as much strength training as I can fit in. The only downside is a slight twinge in my right calf that I’m keep a close eye on, but I’m hoping my body can hold it together for the next 12 weeks.

14 thoughts on “Training: T-1 week

  1. Hanna @ TheMillennialNextDoor says:

    Nice job this week! I am jealous of all your super speedy tempo paces!

    I like to do a lot of my running “blind” as well. I do it in most of my workouts, most of the time. I find that running by feel in all types of workouts is a much more effective way to train. However, I often have the problem in easy/long runs that if I don’t look at my watch occasionally I will often go a little too *fast*. So I’ve been Garmin-peeking a lot more this training cycle just to make sure I’m staying at truly easy and recovery paces; sometimes my body’s natural rhythm isn’t actually what’s best for my recovery.

    • I totally understand! Running easy paces at an actually “easy” pace is something that I struggle with. In fact, I don’t think I’ve ever done it properly in any previous training cycle. I’m trying to use my heart rate data to help with this and save the effort for workout days.

    • After an injury-plagued 2015 I’m trying not to freak out too much about every little ache and pain. But it’s so hard! I’m still convinced an injury is just waiting to happen #runnersparanoia

  2. charissarunning says:

    Awesome work! Your tempo 3-miler was absolutely killer! I like your plan alot and I really hope your calf holds up. If it starts to get worse, the first thing I’d switch out though is the hill/interval speed work. (For me, hills in particular have often been the hardest for recovery especially when first incorporating them.) You can always make that into another tempo if you still want some speed without the major impact. But see how it goes first – good luck!!

    • Thanks for the tips Charissa. My calf is feeling a lot better – I think I’m just feeling super paranoid after all of the injury setbacks I had last year. Stretching really works! I’m still doing my tempos on the treadmill until the sidewalks (and air quality) improve which will hopefully be before my half marathon!

  3. That tempo, though! Amazing. Isn’t it crazy how one week you can feel like “WTF was I thinking making this my goal”, and then the next be all like, “I SO GOT THIS”. Running is weird.

    I don’t like to hear that you have a calf twinge though. Did you have a calf issue once before? I feel like I remember that you did. Maybe I’m making things up. It makes me sad because I have calf issues and HATE them. My advice: foam roll, but do your whole calf. The issue is probably up higher than you think. Second, do downward facing dog whenever you get a free chance. Keep a slight bend in the knees if it is too intense. Calf raises on a step: stand with the balls of both feet on a step, lower one heel down. Push up with both feet to come back up. If that’s easy and you feel zero twinges, do it on a leg press machine. If that makes no sense, look up eccentric calf stretches and you will find lots of good examples!! If you have access to a bosu ball, do rapid step ups – it’s kind of like running in place but you run up and down on the ball. I do 5 sets of 30 reps. Lastly, and this is probably the hardest one to do bc you need a pretty special piece of equiptment, a BAPs board. Balance on the board on one foot, and roll your ankle slowly clockwise 12x, then counterclockwise. Repeat for a total of two rounds. That’s what my PT guy had me do. Also focus on some hip strength – MYRTLs are an easy way to incorporate 5 minutes of hips per day!!! This is how to do them:

    Sorry for the novel. Ughhhh, calves.

    • Good memory Allison! I pulled my left calf muscle around this time last year and it was awful! I’ve been stretching and massaging it like crazy and it seems to be working – no pain for the last couple of days and I’ve been able to do all of my workouts. Calf raises and down-dogs all the way. I know that you do MYRTLs and I guess I’ve never really looked at it too closely. It turns out that my PT had me do at least half of these when I first went to see her about my sore glute medius. My claim to fame is that I have the tightest hips she has ever seen!

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