2015 in review

Hi there! It’s been a while since my last post. More than a while. About 8 months………Eeeekkk! 2015 was a strange year. There were so many changes in my non-running life. Promotion at work. New job for my husband. We bought our very first home. And adopted our dog Sophie. All great and positive things. But summer 2015 sucked for running. Injuries, personal worsts, total lack of motivation. From a running standpoint it was totally forgettable. But it’s 2016 and things are looking up. I am getting ready to start training for my next half marathon and am excited to be running again so I’m back!

And here’s what I’ve been doing for the last year or so. Well, Part One.

And just so you know, I may have taken a break from posting but I have still been reading about everyone’s awesome running.

January: In retrospect, January is where the year of terrible running – AKA “Doing all of the stupid things” – started. I pulled my right calf not once but twice in the space of two weeks (would not recommend). And it was pretty painful – the hobbling around at work kind of painful. I stopped all running for one month and then started back slowly with a very gentle run-walk program.

Things I learned this month: Calf strains do not heal in a week. The walk of shame is a real thing in running.

February: I had signed up for a new race series in Salt Lake – a 5K, 10K and 15K in February, March and April respectively. I had to sit out the 5K this month which means that I have yet to run a road 5K (but that should change this year). February was all about the run-walk and I was starting to feel better. I also got to visit southern Utah and watch my husband run his first ultramarathon.

Things I learned this month: Volunteering is fun, especially when your job is to look after the donut holes.

March: My first race of the year – the RUNSLC 10K. I finished pain free in 49:15 (7:56 pace), which was pretty amazing considering how my running year started. This time is about 3 minutes slower than my PR and was the first of many PWs (personal worsts) of the year. But I remember just being happy that I could run again and eating all of the donuts that were waiting at the end of the race. After this, I decided that I would still plan to run my spring half marathon: the Canyonlands half marathon in Moab, UT. It’s still hard to know if this was a bad decision. I was still run-walking and severely undertrained but I couldn’t say no to running in Moab. If you’ve ever been there you know why. I was pretty nervous and tried to run by feel but it is still the only road race I’ve had to stop to take a walk break. I still managed to cross the line in 1:51:21 (8:26 pace), and enjoy a beautiful weekend in southern Utah. I felt a little achy afterwards but was definitely on the road to recovery, and by the end of the month I was able to run without any walk breaks.

Things I learned this month: Running a half marathon when you are undertrained is no bueno. I love the desert. Note: I also love dessert.

April: Things were finally back on track with my running. Now was the time to increase mileage so that I could still run the Ogden marathon. I ended up having 12 weeks to get ready for my 26.2 miles. And while SPOILER ALERT I was able to complete the marathon it wasn’t a plan that I would recommend/do again/give to my worst enemy. Some of the highlights of this month were travelling to Boston with my husband so that he could run the Boston marathon (in the rain!) and then have a week long vacation visiting Cape Cod, Portsmouth NH, and Portland ME. So I got to run in three new states. I also finished the RUNSLC trail series (which I am doing again this year) with the 15K in 1:13;18 (7:52 pace) and even managed to place third in my age group.

Things I learned this month: Sometimes you can surprise yourself. New England is pretty rad.

May: May was marathon month, and once the race was over I pretty much took the rest of the month off from running. You can read my recap here. This was my second marathon and although I’m pretty proud of my time (3:51:13 -8:50 pace) it was a race that I was not truly prepared for. I had originally signed up for this race in an attempt to train for a BQ. That hope pretty much died in January, and even now I have no real desire to run a marathon any time soon. The first half of 2015 made me realize that I need to develop a significant base before I think about running 26.2 miles again.

Things I learned this month: Never underestimate 26.2 miles.

June: I eased myself back into running in June. I had signed up for (another) race series. This time a 5K, 10K, 15K and half marathon on the trails in Park City. I have run these races before and they are super fun. This year though – I was majorly out of shape and it showed in the first race. 5k in 27:35 (8:53). Last year I ran this race over 4 minutes faster. Needless to say it was quite disheartening to know I had lost so much fitness. It seemed for me (and I’m sure that this is different for everyone) that marathon training had resulted in slower race times and a little more lbs than I would like. To top it off I finished the month with an IT band injury which turned summer 2015 into the summer of PWs, and I struggled to get motivated to keep going. But…………

June 2015 was the month that we bought our very first home!

Things I learned this month: Owning a home is the quickest way to drain your bank account. Running is a humbling hobby.





13 thoughts on “2015 in review

  1. So nice to see you back. I had been wondering how things were going for you. Here’s to a healthier New Year for you! And congrats on the house. Lots of work and lots of money but so nice to be a home owner. Happy New Year!

    • Thanks Sarah! It’s nice to be back – and hopefully this year will be full of positive running that I will want to blog about! And being a home-owner is pretty cool. I feel like I might even be a proper adult now.

  2. charissarunning says:

    It’s so good to hear from you again!! Sounds like 2015 was a tough year for you – marathon training tends to slow me down a bit too in the speed area which is why I’m taking a break from it for a season now too. Congrats on the house!! That’s such an exciting non-running related accomplishment that deserved a huge celebration I’m sure. I hope 2016 goes much better for you running-wise and you can keep that motivation up again 🙂

    • Thanks Charissa! Becoming a homeowner definitely ticked one of the “I’m finally an adult” boxes. I read your post about focusing on shorter distances for the spring and I think I might be doing the same thing. I’m even signed up for my first 5K road race! And ready to have a great running 2016.

  3. aww what an up and down year. i’m glad you’re seeing a lot of positives out of it though! And yes—MOAB!! I want to run all the races in southern utah. It’s all i’ve been doing since we visited 😉 Glad you’re back to blogging!

  4. I have missed reading your blog!! I’m with you on focusing on shorter distances this spring. Marathon training threw me all out of whack this last time. I hope 2016 is great for you and that BOTH of us keep on writing!

  5. glad you’re back, and enjoyed reading your update (even though i hate to hear about your year of injuries and frustrations!). you still did a great job with those races considering you weren’t feeling your best and you persevered — don’t discredit yourself for that! that marathon time is awesome (IMHO!). also, congrats on the home!! hope it’s everything you want it to be. PS — i’ll be in SLC end of Feb or beginning of March this year with the boyfriend to visit his friend!

    • Thanks Shawna! It was an interesting year for sure – not a total downer but I’m hoping for better in 2016. Are you going snow-boarding? It’s snowing right now! Let me know if you need any tips. SLC has some pretty cool places to eat/drink (not NYC cool but we try!).

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