Our final days in New England

Next state: Maine. I don’t know if I mentioned this before but my husband loves beer – making it, talking about it, reading about it (honestly our bookshelf has some interesting titles), visiting breweries and drinking it – obviously. As soon as we decided we were going to be in New England for a week he was planning out the breweries that we were going to visit. We had our first taste in Portsmouth but were now heading to a new beer mecca – Portland, ME. We had breakfast in hipster hotel – they had birds on everything in the breakfast room (the lightshade was a bird cage) and then headed straight to Allagash brewery. You can visit here and get a free flight (4 x 5oz) of whatever is on tap. Pretty sweet! And we also got a tour – at this stage I feel like I could give a brewery tour.

This was our tasters at Maine Brewing Company.

This was our tasters at Maine Beer Company.

And conveniently, there were three other micro (or maybe nano) breweries in an industrial building right across the street: Bissell Brothers, Foundation Brewing, and Austin St. Brewery. They were all great (especially the IPA at ASB) and you could get a 50z taster for $2. We spent most of the afternoon here – these places were surprisingly busy for a random Friday afternoon in April. After all that sampling we needed a nap before dinner. We went to the Green Elephant in Portland which is hands down the best vegetarian restaurant I’ve ever eaten at – I had a delicious panang curry followed by a vegan chocolate mousse-pie-type-thing that was amazing. Luckily, the restaurant was right by the Portland Art Museum which has free entry on Friday nights, so we had a post-dinner art stroll. We also ate at Duck Fat which has amazing Belgian style fries and 5 minutes from our hotel, and Gorgeous Gelato which has, well, gorgeous gelato.

Saturday morning was long run day. This was a cut back week so I had a 13 mile run scheduled. I made my way down to the bike path by our hotel and was able to run by the water for the whole time. I even spotted a bald eagle hanging out (but didn’t manage to take a photo). It was a great run – 8.36 min/mile pace – finishing less than two minutes slower than my half marathon race last month.

Our plan for Saturday was to head to Freeport. The home of LLBean – unfortunately their giant shoe was being replaced although we did see the shoe-car driving on the interstate. And the home of one of the best breweries in Maine – Maine Beer Company. More tastings #itsahardlife.

Then one of my favorite things to do: go look at lighthouses! This was Portland Head Light just a little south of the city.


On Sunday we made our way back to Boston – and stopped by another lighthouse -> Nubble Head.


And because we had an hour before we had to make it to the airport we decided to stop in Salem, MA for coffee (for J), pastries and some history. They have a lot of really tacky witch-related stuff but I did like the memorial to those people who were killed during the Salem Witch Trials, and following the red line (I almost typed yellow brick road) to Salem Maritime National Historic Site.

Each bench is dedicated to a victim of the hysteria.

Each bench is dedicated to a victim of the hysteria.

Ye olde storage building. I thought it was striking.

Ye olde storage building. I thought it was striking.

The Friendship. Get it? Friend-ship.

The Friendship. Get it? Friend-ship.

US Custom House. Salem was one of the most important ports in early US history.

US Custom House. Salem was one of the most important ports in early US history.

Ominous clouds and our last view of east coast water.

Ominous clouds and our last view of east coast water.

And with that our New England adventure came to an end. We had it all: Boston, beaches, beer and………… damn! history doesn’t begin with B.


21 thoughts on “Our final days in New England

  1. charissarunning says:

    I’m glad you had a fun time! Lighthouses are beautiful and I love the photo of the one in Portland you took. I still have to make it up to Maine one day 🙂 I think that’s a trip for next year for me!

  2. Ahhhhh you went to Allagash! Great beer. Maine is one of my most favorite places ever. I would pick up and move there if I could. I HIGHLY recommend the Sugarloaf Marathon if you can ever get up there for a May marathon. Most stunning marathon I’ve ever run – I might even say it was prettier than the one I ran in Alaska! I am totally living vicariously through you on this trip. LOVE it!

    • I really like it and would love to go back and check out Acadia and head up to the White Mountains. I have a friend who ran the Maine Coastal Marathon and have heard good things about that too. Great scenery is a plus for a marathon – makes you forget about the pain!

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