Calling all New Englanders!

First of all let me ask for your help. This arrived at our house last week:

This is not mine!!!!

This is not mine!!!!

It is not mine! I have not secretly qualified for Boston and not shared it with the world – you guys would definitely be the first to know. But my husband qualified last May (with a 3.03 – husband-brag!) and we decided to splurge and make the trek over to MA. As you can guess flights from SLC -> Boston are not cheap so we are making a vacation of it. One whole week out east. Are plans for Sunday and Monday are pretty much wrapped up in picking up his bib and getting to the finish line. But after that? And because of the crazy winter weather that I’ve been hearing about for the last couple of months it seems as if we haven’t picked the ideal time to visit……

Anyway we are thinking of driving down to Cape Cod and checking out some of the towns there (maybe all the way to Provincetown and some whale watching?) and then heading up north to Maine (for important craft beer research in Portland). So if you live near Boston could you share any travel tips? Portland is a definite but other than that we are pretty flexible. Most important: seafood, microbreweries and ocean views. And just how bad is the snow right now? Is it starting to melt at all? Do I need to find my down coat (it is 80F today in SLC so my winter clothes are out of rotation)?

I also wanted to talk a little about my injury. Today marks 5 weeks since my last physiotherapist appointment at which I was told I should start to be running symptom free any day now (4-6 weeks recovery). My recovery has probably been slowed a little by my decision to run the Canyonlands half marathon a couple of weeks ago (not PT-recommended) but I am pretty happy with that judgement call. The truth is that my running is symptom free right now. I can still feel tightness in my calf on most runs (which is better than (1) sharp pain or (2) dull ache) so I am still waiting for that hallelujah pain-free run. But what has improved drastically is my recovery.

At the start of my rehab I was doing 3-4 miles of run-walking. My calf was sore during the run, after the run and the next day. Running two days in a row was totally out of the question. Now, it is tight during the run, and this tightness usually lasts for 2-3 hours afterward, but I am feeling fine by the afternoon and completely recovered by the following day. So while I can’t claim to be 100% recovered right now I can definitely see the light at the end of the tunnel. I also am free of random calf pains during the day (going up stairs or pushing off on my bike) and I am feeling NORMAL again. Woohoo! It only took about 2 months.

My positives right now are:

1. I can run without needing walk breaks.

2. My endurance is still pretty good (I managed 15 miles this past weekend – more on that later in the week)

3. My mood is 100% improved. Runners’ high all of the time.

4. I am now ready to introduce another day of running (4 days per week).

Nuun and egg/avocado sandwiches - long runs are back!

Nuun and egg/avocado sandwiches – long runs are back!

The only negatives:

1. No speed work at all. All runs are at an easy pace. I’m not too worried – I believe that speed will return with mileage.

2. No trail running. Calves + Hills = pain! Hopefully in the next month I’ll be able to remedy this.


But right now I’ll take what I can get!

28 thoughts on “Calling all New Englanders!

  1. Although I cannot address this issue with getting a bib number at this point, I will say, the snow here is melting quickly but the temps are still pretty low. They are however supposed to get to the 50’s by weeks end (so we have THAT going for us-LOL). I live on the Marathon at the half way point. I am more than happy to discuss any points of interest in the area. Let me know and I will give you my direct email address.

    • Sounds like things are warming up for you guys! It must be exciting to be so close to the course. My impression is that the whole city just parties along the race? My aim this week is to come up with some kind of itinerary so I might get back to you this weekend!

      • There is a lot of cheering, signs, supports, horns, along the route, lots of activity happening. Be sure to have plenty of water and pick a spot that has access to bathrooms (i.e. not too remote). Once you get a general idea let me know I am happy to help. We have a place at the Cape so I can give you some pointers, ‘tourist trap’ etc.

  2. Glad to hear the running is improving! As for your visit, whale watching in April might be a tad chilly, but just bundle up. The snow is melting, but there is still a good amount out there. I think you’ll be fine by marathon week though. I don’t have a lot of Cape experience because we had a summer cottage in Duxbury, MA. The only whale watch we’ve done was out of the Plymouth waterfront. I can definitely recommend that. There are also a lot of shops and places to eat there as well. I hope you enjoy your trip! Maybe we’ll bump into you at the marathon.

    • Thanks for the tips! I’m a little afraid about how cold it’ll be although I think spring in MA can mean anything goes. I’m still trying to figure out how to spectate at the marathon. I don’t know Boston so I might just hang out near Copley Square so I don’t get lost.

      • Anything goes is 100% true. It could be 80. It could be 30. Layers. It’s all about layers. I’m not sure how to spectate either. All the years I lived in MA and I never once went to the marathon. I’m going this year because of my friend and she has friends that know the route and will be telling us where to go! lol

      • We are staying with friends for the race and I’m hoping they will act as tour guides or at least point me in the right direction. The long range forecast looks good but I’ll probably still bring clothes for every possible weather situation!

  3. That egg avocado sandwich looks delish. Rock and I have been to Boston a few times and one thing that we both keep raving about was taking the City Running Tour. Not sure if it will be going on when you are there but it was awesome. We did the 6 mile tour that ended at Harpoon Brewery. It was a nice slow 6 mile run with stops to look stuff, with excellent guides. The tour ended at the brewery and by the end we were happily tipsy thanks to being allowed to taste all the beers for the last 30 minutes. They also give you a bag of fuel post run so it was perfect.

    • That sounds like an amazing running tour! Running + beer = great idea. I’ll see if I can persuade my husband to run 6 miles – I think the chance to visit the brewery might swing it.

  4. If you’re headed up to Maine from Boston, a day in Portsmouth, NH is highly recommended. There’s the Portsmouth Brewing Company right in town, and Red Hook Brewery is like a 5 minute drive from downtown. Lots of cute shops too, and it’s right on the water.

  5. That’s great you are not having pain during the day and are able to do more running! It all takes time, doesn’t it!!!
    Oh my, how I’d love to be in Boston during the Marathon! Good luck to your husband and hope you have a great vacation!

  6. Martha B says:

    Hooray for being right on the border of normalcy. Pain free running is the best kind, especially because you did the right thing, took the right recovery, and treated the underlying symptom. You’ll be ready to rip in no time 🙂
    Enjoy your East Coast vaca! Congrats to hubby. Hopefully the weather will be a hair better than it has been the past few weeks. I’d come up and visit, but I’m about 8 hours away. Hope you have a blast!

    • I’m seriously looking forward to a full week off work – it’s really needed. I’ve already started stalking the weather and it looks a little rainy and chilly compared to Utah. Hopefully all the food and beer will make up for that!

  7. I used to go there once a month for work. LOVE IT! I already commented on Darlin’s post about NH. But also outside of Boston you can see Lexington/Concord/Walden Pond, Plymouth Rock, etc.
    But in Boston I always loved walking the Freedom Trail (I love history). I ALWAYS eat at least one meal in the North End (little italy). There is so much to do and see there! Clam chowda is a must!

    • I’m thinking a mixture of beach visits and historical towns might be the best way to go. Plus all the Irish bars and Italian restaurants in Boston. I need to try my first cannoli! I’m getting hungry just thinking about all that great food……

  8. charissarunning says:

    Yay! Congrats to your husband!!! He’s super speedy! I do hope the weather gets better when you make your trip to Boston.

    And I’m so glad the running is going so much better for you lately! Yay for the runners high!!

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