Waiting for the worst to happen…..

Why can’t four day weeks happen all the time? Monday was mostly work-free (although scientists never really get a day off) and as an added bonus my gym was open for the whole day. I got a strength workout in – and it was a toughie my glutes were sore for the next two days. But that’s good, right? Well for me it’s always good to work my glute medius which is one of my many weak spots. And then it was time to run……….

My physiotherapist told me to take two full weeks off running and that time ran out on Sunday. I don’t see her until next Tuesday (#popular) and I wanted to try to run so we had something to talk about. I settled for run-walk but couldn’t bring myself to climb on the treadmill. Instead I used the indoor 320 (random!?!) meter track. I did a 5 minute walk to warm up and then 5 x 6 min intervals (3 min walk + 3 min run) and a cool down. I have no idea of my pace but I did about 2.5 miles in 30 minutes. And it was awesome. No pain when running. And you guys know how awesome it feels to finally run again! Woohoo! Runner’s high for everyone.

Tuesday was an early morning yoga class that was all about those hips. I noticed a little tightness in my calf. It’s a little hard to explain how I’m feeling. I think that it’s so subjective. I keep expecting for things to hurt. I’m constantly checking in with myself to gauge if there is any pain. It’s exhausting. I guess I’m expecting the worst to happen all of the time. Like I said already I had major DOMS in my glutes and it reminded me of the pain I felt when I had hip bursitis so I tried not to freak out that I had injured myself AGAIN. But then I reminded myself that it’s probably impossible to get an overuse injury from running 2.5 miles!

I decided to run again on Wednesday. And again, I just couldn’t face running on the dreadmill. So I headed outside at 6 AM – just like the old days. And ran a flattish 3 miles out and back using the same 3:3 intervals. However, this route was the route I was running on when I pulled my calf muscle (0/10 would not recommend) so I was waiting for history to repeat itself again. Luckily I made it home with all muscles intact. Things don’t feel painful – just not right.

I remember last time I was running while recovering from an injury my doctor recommended continuing to run as long as my pain was less than 3 on a pain scale of 10. And that’s the advice I’m still following. I’m not in pain. So what is going on? Tightness following my run – which is real. But over-analyzing every ache is not helping. I’m really looking forward to seeing my doctor next week so she can tell me what’s acceptable pain and when I should back off. I really need her on speed dial!

On the bright side my new shoes got their first taste of concrete!


16 thoughts on “Waiting for the worst to happen…..

  1. I can definitely relate! I think the more I have dealt with running issues the more overly-aware I am of every little ache and pain. But I think its great that you are being so careful and in a few weeks you will be way more comfortable with running!

    • I hope so! Since I’ve been running I’ve been to the doctor’s office so many times that I feel like a total hypochrondiac – damn those overuse injuries! But I’m pretty confidant that the worst is over and I can start thinking about getting out on those sidewalks and trails!

  2. This made me so happy to read! Sounds like you are doing well and being smart. My PT friend told me he hates us runners because we analyze and pay attention to everything we feel. He says it can be good at times but we usually go overboard. I know I definitely do. So glad you are back out there!

    • I can totally understand your PT friend! Right now I’m analyzing every little ache and twinge………can’t wait for the day when I come back from a run and have totally forgotten to worry about anything hurting. And hopefully that day will come pretty soon!

  3. Coming back from an injury definitely makes you hyper-aware of everything that’s going on. Just continue being conservative and do what the doc says when you see her next. And stretch and roll!

  4. Aw, I can relate to the panicky feeling of everything “almost hurting” when you come back from an injury. Glad there was no real pain. You’ll be back out there soon!

  5. I’m cheering out loud for pain free running!! That’s so awesome!! The first one back is always such a huge endorphin rush. ❤ I think a lot of us can relate to runner's hypochondria. I am only just now to a point where I don't even think about my previously injured foot anymore when I run! It will go away in time. 🙂

    • It’s funny – since I’ve taken up running I’ve been to the doctor’s office WAAAAYYYYY more times than before (OK – maybe that’s not so funny), but it’s worth it to get that pain-free streak! And I think having experienced serious-ish injury I’m a little more apprehensive about more bad stuff happening. Luckily, a by-product of getting injury is figuring out what you’re doing wrong and improving your strength and form. I just wish I could’ve figured that out on day 1!

  6. FLRunnerBoy says:

    Hang in there Irish! You are going about things the right way though its annoying. If there is anyone who knows what you are dealing with it’s me with my injury. Both of our injuries almost seem to be mimicking each other just in different body parts … UGH!! This to shall pass … STAY STRONG!!!

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