I Mustache You Some Questions


It usually takes me a while to get round to these type of things (thanks to Lee at FLRunnerBoy) but here’s some random facts about me.


Four names other people call me other than my real name

1. Sal (but only by my Dad and my brother)

2. Sorcha (only by J)

3. Fogie (by my BFF)

4. Dr (by my boss when he wants me to do something he knows I won’t be happy about)


Four jobs I’ve had

1. Manager at McDonalds in my teens. Lots of fun, lots of drama and lots of fries.

2. Office assistant in local government. College summer job. I basically got to hear people complain about why their trash wasn’t collected on the correct day. It was then I knew I could never work with the public.

3. Scientist in Dundee, Scotland.

4. Scientist in SLC, UT.


Four movies I’ve watched more than once

1. Love Actually. I watch this every Christmas – the airport scene at the end always has me in tears. So much home-sickness.

2. The Little Mermaid. The first movie I saw in the theater and I had the VHS. I think I still know all the words to every song in that movie.

3. Pride and Prejudice. The Keira Knightley version. I watch this J is out of town. Along with a glass (maybe two) of wine and something chocolate-y.

4. Mean Girls. Tina Fey and Amy Poehler – yes please.


Four books I recommend

1. Life After Life by Kate Atkinson. Read this at the start of the year and loved it. Great premise and thought-provoking.

2. The Fault in Our Stars by John Green. I love books that make me cry like a baby – catharsis?

3. His Dark Materials series by Philip Pullman. Another baby-crying book. If you don’t cry at the end of book three then you might have a heart of stone.

4. The Book Thief. Another book I read this year and loved. Much better than the movie and another tear-jerker (I’m sensing a trend).


Four places I’ve lived

1. Leixlip, Ireland. Hometown.

2. Dundee, Scotland. Grad school.

3. Salt Lake City, Utah.

No number 4……….yet but it seems like I’m trying to get further away from Ireland.


Four places I’ve been

1. Thailand. 30 days in after I completed my first year of grad school. Amazing experience. Jungles, temple ruins, SCUBA diving and the most unbelievable tropical islands. And then the food…..

2. Llubjlana, Slovenia. After traveling through Europe with my friend we parted ways in Croatia. She headed to Venice by boat. And I caught the train to Trieste, Italy and then on to Slovenia. A beautiful city and my first time going solo.

3. Yellowstone National Park. Breathtaking.

4. Italy – three times. Cinque Terre, Venice, Rome, Tuscany………….


Four places I’d rather be right now

1. In my parent’s house – drinking some wine and eating my Dad’s food and Mom’s baking.

2. Hiking in Yosemite. I’ve never been and it looks so amazingly beautiful.

3. Sitting by a pool somewhere warm – cocktail in hand with a good book.

4. NYC – big city during the holidays – yes please!


Four of my favorite foods

1. Chocolate. Any kind. In any form.

2. Enchiladas – I’m a little obsessed right now.

3. Mashed potatoes. They are my comfort food of choice.

4. Avocado. On sandwiches. With eggs. In guacamole.


Four things I don’t eat

1. Coffee. Not a food but the one thing that gets commented on the most.

2. Pickles. No American – I do not want these with my sandwich.

3. Canned tuna. Ick!

4. Bananas. I’ve tried really hard but I just can’t eat them without feeling nauseated.


Four tv shows I watch

1. The Mindy Project. I binge watch three seasons over a couple of weekends. Love it.

2. How to Get Away with Murder. That mid-season finale!

3. Scandal. That reminds me I need to catch up on the latest season.

4. The Daily Show/Colbert Report.


Four things I’m looking forward to this year

1. Skiing! I’m a pretty mellow skier and love a good bluebird day.

2. Going to Boston in April. No – you haven’t missed my Boston qualifier recap. J is running and I get to go visit Boston for the first time and maybe see some of the Maine coast.

3. Marathon number 2 in May. Not sure how winter training will go……….

4. Some of J’s family will be visiting in Feb and I’m excited to show off our awesome city.


Four things I always say

1. What are you doing in the morning? (We’re morning work-out-ers)

2. I’m heading to bed (usually at 930 #oldlady)

3. I ran x miles today! (Always said with mild surprise that I’m not broken)

4. Have a nice day (Said with a peck on the check to J before I leave for work)


Anything you want to share?


22 thoughts on “I Mustache You Some Questions

  1. FLRunnerBoy says:

    Love it Irish!!! Definitely agree with you on the pickle deal yuck!!! 😛 Chocolate, avocado, and enchiladas are 100% scores and yumminess in my book too!!! As a matter of fact now you have me craving enchiladas haha lol 🙂 A McDonald’s manager eh’ … I would have been hoarding the fries as well. Another 26.2 in May huh? Do have a particular race picked out already?

    • Oh yes! I registered for the Ogden Marathon – I think it’s on May 16th. Basically, running down a canyon for 26 miles with almost no crowds – I guess it couldn’t be more different from Twin Cities. I also had enchiladas for dinner last night – I told you I’m addicted!

  2. Very nice! I can’t believe you’ve only lived in 3 towns. That’s crazy to me.

    You’re going to LOVE Boston. Enjoy your trip. I grew up about 20 minutes south of the city and now live about an hour from there. I will probably be at the marathon because a friend of mine from the gym is running it with a charity team. It will actually be my first time going to it in all the years I lived in MA and I don’t even live there anymore! lol

    • Sorcha is actually the Irish version of Sarah – but you don’t hear it much. And I love a good tear-jerker book. The Pullman books are a trilogy and take a little commitment but worth it in the end.

    • I really tried to like bananas – and I can handle them in smoothies and banana bread – but I just couldn’t. I think the banana- flavored medicine I had to take as a child is probably the reason why.

  3. I’ve really enjoyed reading these posts, especially when I spot a few things in common with me. Looks like we might share similar tastes in reading and I’m with you all the way on canned tuna (aka cat food!) and bananas!

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