I’ve finally embraced ‘the rest’. We had a wonderful weekend camping in Zion National Park. We arrived pretty late on Friday night and woke up to this view from camp. A bunch of wedding guests had arranged to camp at one of the group sites in the park. So fun! And probably the first time I’ve ever brought make-up and a fancy dress on a camping trip. We had breakfast and then caught the shuttle to the Lodge for the ceremony.





The wedding itself took place outside the lodge. It was a beautiful day – sunny and in the 80s. And what an amazing backdrop.

Wedding venue!

Wedding venue!

Ceremony under the cottonwood.

Ceremony under the cottonwood.

We got to hang out at the lodge for the afternoon before heading back to camp for the after party. What a way to celebrate the wedding of two amazing people.

On Sunday morning we enjoyed brunch before meandering back to SLC. And then it was early to bed – partying is hard work!

But I managed to rest for the entire weekend – absolutely no workouts. No running or hiking (which was so difficult – southern Utah is so perfect for exploring). Total rest. And I’m feeling great. I did a quick swim workout (30 mins) on Monday after work. And then Tuesday – more rest.

I think sometimes I freak out if I take a day off. As if not working out will land me back at square one fitness-wise. All those months of hard work will be negated by skipping the gym for one day. By the way – I know that this is crazy. You can’t get fit in one day and you certainly can’t lose fitness by taking a little time off. I guess it takes me a while to give myself ‘permission’ to take some time off. I love the feeling after any kind of exercise – endorphins please! – and it’s hard for me to dial it back.

But I think this year has helped my to gain some perspective.  Previously I would have pushed through – ignoring any pains, hoping they’ll go away on their own, coming back from injury too quickly. All of those mistakes that keep you injured for longer. What I’ve learned in the past year is that it is a million times better to catch running injuries early and give yourself time to heal properly. Rushing back too soon will end badly. Last year I had sciatica and once I was healed “enough” I got straight back into it…………….and promptly got bursitis in both hips. Total time off = 12 weeks!

So I plan on doing another short swim workout out tomorrow and maybe Thursday. And even though my foot feels 100% normal I’m going to continue with my rest from running. It’s taken a while but I feel like I’m finally doing it right.



15 thoughts on “Relaxation!

  1. That looks like a gorgeous place for a wedding. Rest seems so hard after training so much and sometimes I am afraid that I will just turn into a giant couch potato! I keep trying to tell myself that rest in training too.

  2. FLRunnerBoy says:

    That back drop is amazing!!! Truly a pretty place for a wedding. I’m glad you have gained more perspective on the rest/training balance Irish!!! A running Irish = a happy Irish = happy roads & trails = a happy FLRunnerBoy 🙂

  3. charissarunning says:

    That looks like a beautiful place for a wedding! I’m also glad you are able to enjoy your rest time now. I think it’s often a hard lesson for us runners to learn, but once you do it only makes you stronger!

  4. What a beautiful wedding site and place to relax. So glad you had the chance to take some total time off. I am looking forward to some of that next week. It is nice as we get older and wise to know our bodies more and understand what that rest time really does for us. Love that pic of the campsite.

    • I would have never thought to get married their but it was so beautiful and totally right for the couple. You can’t buy experience – I think we all have to make those rookie mistakes. Enjoy your time off – I think it’s well earned.

  5. i can entirely relate to your sentiments in this post, as i’ve also been guilty of pushing myself through injuries and thereby exacerbating them or injuring another muscle in my overcompensation for the first injury — that’s what kept me out of a marathon in October. also can relate to thinking i can’t miss a single day of working out, because i sincerely love it so much and hate feeling like i took a “lazy” day, but am getting better at making myself take one each week and try to really enjoy it. annnnd i love the camping with fancy clothes packed deal! nice juxtaposition. 🙂 happy fridayyyyy and enjoy your weekend!

    • Hope you have a great weekend! Yes – I got a few interesting looks putting on make-up in the camp bathrooms. I think I remember how hard it was to get ‘fit’ and I assume it’ll always be that hard. And yes – getting a new injury because you haven’t fully recovered from your first one!!!! At least it’s a learning experience!

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