It’s official – October is just not my month

I had hoped to post about my first experience running with a local running group after finally having the time (and inclination) to meet up for one of their Saturday group runs……………but life had other plans. So let’s rewind to the start of the week.

Monday: Strength workout

Tuesday: 4 mile easy run around 9 min/mile pace. This was mentally a struggle but got it done.

Wednesday: I finally figured out how the lap function on my Garmin works so I decided I’d try to do a couple of mile repeats – and I mean literally a couple as in two. One mile warm-up. One mile at 7.14 min/mile pace. Half mile recovery. One mile at 7.10 min/mile pace. Half mile recovery and then an easy run home. It felt hard but in a good way and I was excited to move fast again.

Thursday: Slept in and skipped an early morning run. PM strength workout.

Friday: 15.1 miles on the stationary bike.

On Thursday I woke up with an annoying pain in my foot that got worse as the day progressed. I made a call pretty early in the day to take a rest day from running. But by the evening (and after my gym session) I couldn’t put any weight on my right foot and I was freaking out. A quick google search only increased my freak-out levels. My pain had a sudden onset and was in the exact place where you get a stress fracture.

On Friday, I called to get a same day appointment at a local clinic (yay for fall break and working on a university campus!). The doctor checked me out and was convinced that I didn’t have a fracture…………YET……….but all my symptoms suggested that if I didn’t take a break from running it would only be a matter of time…………Her advice: two weeks with no running. Then try some short distances but stop if there is any pain. Still good to bike, swim, ellipticise. No yoga, climbing or single leg exercises.

Bummer! I’ll have to pull out of the Snow Canyon half marathon due to injury for the second year in a row. In October 2013 I ran exactly ZERO miles. This year I’ve done a little better (about 50 miles) but that is me done for the month. It seems like my body just gives out after 10 months of solid training. Stupid overuse injuries.

On the plus side I have lots of options for getting cardio in. The weather was so beautiful in SLC this weekend – blue skies in the 70s – that I biked to work (and the pool) on Saturday, and then to the gym on Sunday. The distances are pretty short but man, everything is uphill! But it makes coming home a lot easier.

I don’t feel much pain. The doctor was able to move my foot around with no problems so she’s pretty confident that I’m in the earliest possible stages which means faster recovery and I have the OK to take ibuprofen if I need to.

I’m actually a little relieved. Ssssh don’t tell anyone! I guess I was a little more burned out from the marathon than I realized, and knowing that I had a potential half marathon coming up I couldn’t truly relax. No that the race is off the table and I’m under doctor’s orders to NOT run – well I can do that.

Most importantly – I’m so glad that this happened AFTER the marathon. I can’t even think about how bummed I’d be if I had trained for 18 weeks and had to pull out of my goal race for a stress fracture (which I don’t actually have – a stress response is what she called it).

So as much as it sucks to be injured – it has happened at the best possible time and as far as injuries go – it’s one of the milder ones.

Plus my trail running buddy is also on the injury list so we can be comeback buddies in a couple of weeks.

So I spent the weekend biking around town – just because it is so beautiful outside right now and in a couple of weeks I know that winter will hit hard. I found a Couch-to-1 mile swimming program that I can do at the pool right by my work – that at least gives me some idea of what I should be doing in the pool. Day one was 4×100 yds, 4×50 yds and 4×25 yds. A nice warm up to the pool. I started this last year when I was injured but never got as far as a full mile so that is my goal this time around. Sunday was 6.2 mile on the elliptical followed by a bunch of core stuff – including a 3 minute plank which is probably the longest I’ve ever done.

And in case you were worried the health center were on top of things and asked if I had recently traveled to West Africa. I got the all clear from Ebola but made sure to get my flu shot.

This weekend was mostly a solo one for me – which means lots of delicious eats. For some reason, when I’m cooking for myself it always involves fries – sweet or regular oven fries. And I’m a little obsessed with brussel sprouts right now. I also got to catch up with some new shows – How to get away with Murder – so awesome.

New wok!

New wok!

Crockpot chicken drumsticks.

Crockpot chicken drumsticks.

Chicken tenders with sweet potato fries - plus all the toppings.

Chicken tenders with sweet potato fries – plus all the toppings.

Homemade fries, roasted brussel sprouts and homemade fishsticks.

Homemade fries, roasted brussel sprouts and homemade fishsticks.

Breakfast sandwich: Baby spinach, tomato, avocado and fried egg. I think I'd eat this everyday if I could.

Breakfast sandwich: Baby spinach, tomato, avocado and fried egg. I think I’d eat this everyday if I could.

And last night I persuaded J to come and see Gone Girl with me. I loved it – although I think a lot of people were not happy with the ending. In return, we visited a local beer bar before the movie.



And did I mention that the movie theater is a bar…………I’m not sure why this isn’t the general rule for all of them?

Anyone had a stress fracture before?

Do you have special food you cook when you’re flying solo?

Anyone else seen Gone Girl? Opinions?

24 thoughts on “It’s official – October is just not my month

  1. What a breakfast sandwich!! Love it! Looks scrumptious!! Also, sorry you’re injured but I’m so glad you got through your marathon!! That’s a plus!! Have a wonderful week!! xoxo

      • Hey!! Yep, I know what you mean about boring just swimming laps. I always have a swim workout and try to keep it fun and entertaining. I usually incorporate a warm-up, a kick set, a drill set, and a main set, followed by a warm-down to keep it lively!! xoxo

  2. Bummer about your foot—-but you’re totally right, it’s the “perfect time” to get an injury.
    I haven’t seen Gone Girl yet, but I want to. I read the book, and I hear that it follows the book pretty closely?

  3. Never a stress fracture, but you know how I roll with injuries. I’m so sorry to hear about your foot. Hopefully these two weeks off will be all you need to get things back on the right track! Missing races sucks though. I can totally relate. 😦 FEEL BETTER, LADY!

    • Thanks Salt! I actually don’t miss running too much…….but I know I’ll be going stir crazy pretty soon. Are your foot issues cleared up (I’m lucky I didn’t get a Dr Stupid!)? Seems like your run of PRs suggests they might be!?!

  4. So sorry to hear about the injury! But glad to hear it was early and hopefully a quick fix. Welcome to lazy land. This crazy runner over here hasn’t really run in over a week and I’m okay with that. The body needs rest. Just weird to go from 50+ mile weeks to zero. The scale is going to hate me!!! Feel better soon.

  5. Def sorry to hear that the pain progressed so quickly, but the fact that it is abating so quickly is good news. Might have just been a stress reaction (pre fracture) that had to get its ish out of the system. But good for you for turning those lemons into lemonade and getting your bike out!

  6. Jane Likes to Run says:

    That’s too bad. I had a stress fracture before from hiking. Like you said it wasn’t too painful. But it was during the summer in high school, so that meant no sports, which was disapointing. 10 months is a long time for heavy training. I’m sure that your body wants a break. The 1 mile swimming goal is excellent!

  7. FLRunnerBoy says:

    Whew!!! So glad to hear that you don’t have a full blown fracture Irish!! Wishing you a speedy recovery chica!!! And ummm I need to fly you to Florida ASAP to be my personal chef haha! Those a some amazing looking meals, no lie!!! 🙂

  8. You just ran a marathon, you need to take some time off. I always take two weeks off after a full and then let my body tell me what it wants to do. The food looks amazing – I really want that breakfast sandwich!

  9. charissarunning says:

    Your body is definitely trying to tell you it needs a break. I hope your foot heals quickly and you can ease back into your running soon though!

  10. i’ve had 3 stress fractures in my foot/heel/tibia, and one thing my doc suggested was no ibuprofen, as some studies show it can impede bone growth and as I have already low vitamin D and calcium levels, he thought I could use all the help I could get.

    • That’s pretty interesting! I specifically asked about ibuprofen because I read somewhere on the internet that it could delay healing and my doctor said it was fine to take it. I decided not too – how can I tell if I’m better if I’m on pain killers? Hope that your stress fracture days are long behind you!

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