Review, preview and blogging disaster

Finally it’s Friday! This week has dragged along. I blame you – fun-filled three day weekend. And it was a struggle to get going but I made it through all of my prescribed (by Dr Hal) workouts.

Mon: Yoga

Tuesday: 3.9 mile at 8.57 min/mile pace

Wednesday: 5.55 mile progression-ish run 8:17/8:19/8:02/7.23/7.26  + half mile cool down + evening yoga

Thursday: 3 mile trail run at 9.48 min/mile pace + 300 ft elevation

Friday: Rest!

This week has been pretty easy because tomorrow I am racing! It’s the second race (a 10K) in the Park City Trail series. And it’s the first race where I have a time to beat. Gulp. I ran this race in 49.38 last year and really enjoyed it. This year, who knows? I feel like I’m a stronger runner and I’ve been logging a lot more trail miles this summer so we’ll see. I’d like to go faster but I have my first ever 14 mile long run scheduled for Sunday morning so we’ll see. No pressure, ha!

I was talking about times with my trail running buddy yesterday (she’s really a mountain biker at heart) and she mentioned how runners get too caught up with our PRs. Every race is different. The weather, how you are feeling on that day, who you’re racing against. Sure, I like to give my all when I race but I don’t want to beat myself up if I run slower than I’d like. Perspective is important.

And the disaster – my iPhone charger has died. Maybe someday Apple will make a charger that lasts as long as the phone/MacBook/iPod. I don’t know if I’m really unlucky or really incompetent but every charger I’ve ever gotten from those guys has been amazingly crappy. Off to Amazon/eBay I go.

Have a great weekend!


10 thoughts on “Review, preview and blogging disaster

  1. I think that the tendency to get caught up in your time is part of the reason that I don’t race too much–it puts a lot of pressure on something that I just love, and people start comparing. As if you are lesser for running a bit slower over the course of 26.2 miles! HELLO!
    Good luck with the phone!

  2. I’m with SuzLyfe it keeps me from racing too. I get too caught up. But I really like what your friend said. All races are different and any given day is different. Great reminder. Hope your race is a success!

  3. The same thing happened to my old charger! WTF. I thought those things were supposed to last a lot longer than that.

    I hope your race went great and I’m looking forward to your recap! 🙂

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