Friday Faves

This is a race-free weekend for me – just a race-pace 6 miler and then a Sunday (long) runday. No major plans except to relax and visit the Utah Arts Festival.

But this week has been full of good workouts and good eats.



This has made it’s way back into my life.



Frittata – yes please. I love eggs! This one had chard (from our CSA), mushrooms, red onion and bacon. I would definitely recommend the addition of bacon. And loving cooking with cast iron.



3 ingredient cookies – banana + oatmeal + chocolate chips. I haven’t quite figured out baking at altitude (we’re at 4000 ft) but these are foolproof. They are best served with this. Amazing!


4. Trails!


Trail race last weekend (and next one on July 12th) plus a midweek trail run (4.36 miles at 9.39 min/mile pace and 500 ft elevation gain). And no rattlesnake sightings.

5. Yogi Yoga!


This was the first week back on my mat in forever (well 6ish weeks). And my glutes are a little tender – thanks hip openers. It hurts so good.


10 thoughts on “Friday Faves

  1. Martha says:

    I love cast iron! It’s the best.
    And those 3 ingredient cookies?? I have all 3 of those things. They seem like they’d be a good breakfast bomb before a long slow run!

  2. I’m sure yoga felt amazing and yummy food!! I love the cookies!! I make those, too!!! My husband is obsessed with that cookie butter!! It is quite delicious!! XOXO!! Hope you’re having a fabulous weekend!!

  3. Hip openers are my favorites. Even though they make me cry sometimes. And that cookie butter is amazing too. I’ve only had it once and now I think a trip to Trader Joe’s is in order!

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