Why doesn’t every race do this? Free digital downloads of your race photos!

I think I’ve mentioned before about my distinct lack of photogenic-ness in race photos. But, I actually really like this photo of me finishing my last half marathon. I didn’t even notice the photographer at the time, so this was a genuine “Wow – that race went really well” smile. Plus I can always remember my outstanding race fashion choice.

But this is the photo that has given me my Eureka! moment.


I’ve been having chronic knee issues in my right knee since February(!). Some days are better than others, but despite doing all my glute strengthening exercises I’ve reached a plateau (but have a nice muscly ass – so there’s that). And this has been extremely frustrating.

But if you look at this photo, and particularly my right foot, you might notice that it’s at an angle. When your foot lands it should be straight and in line with your leg (see top photo and left foot), and not at a 20 degree ankle. No beuno.

I think this foot rotation might explain my lingering knee issues, so for the past couple of runs I’ve been concentrating on my foot placement. Note: thinking about running while running is exhausting! But I think I’m noticing an improvement. Or else, I’ve just convinced myself that I’ve figured it out. In either case, I’m booked in to see the physiotherapist on Tuesday and I won’t be leaving til she’s fixed me!


12 thoughts on “Eureka!

  1. A fantastic discovery–I had a similar finding last year as a result of a race photo, but sadly it was too late to prevent an injury. I’m interested to hear what the physio has to say.

  2. I agree that free race pictures would be awesome! I ran a half earlier this year that had an interesting photo agreement: anyone could take pictures and upload them to the website. $2 to buy each picture, and you get $1 for each picture of yours that is bought.

    I’ve always had a weird foot twist/angle thing going on with my right foot. why is it so hard to land our feet straight?

  3. Those are great pictures! I have noticed stuff like that in my photos too… I’m still waiting for my eureka moment about why my left knee has been giving me trouble, maybe my next race photos will help!

  4. I fully sympathise on the general issue of looking weird in running pictures – but I think you look great in these! Your smile is so genuine and that totally comes across! 😀 It’s also great that they make you look at your running form, I often analyse mine to and realise – with horror – how much my form deteriorates over the course of a race…

  5. NICE!!! I hope that will be the answer to all your issues! That’s very cool that you may have just hit the nail on the head like that. Also your race photos are great!

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