Automatic PRs!

On Saturday I ran my first ever 5K race. Automatic PR baby – 23.33!

The race is part of a series of trail races aimed at getting people into trail running. The course wasn’t technical – mostly old jeep roads with only the smallest section of single track. But a couple of things make it tougher than your regular 5K. First of all, Park City is at an elevation of 6700ft – which is about 2000ft  higher than Salt Lake City. And let me tell you that the difference will really kick your butt. Secondly, trail races mean one thing – hills, hills and, uh, more hills.

My legs were feeling heavy – not helped by going out way too fast (7.05 first mile). Looking at my Garmin elevation data – it doesn’t seem look that bad but I felt that the second mile was non-stop uphill (7.45). I hung in for the third mile – getting passed by two high school girls in the last quarter mile (7.31). I was so glad to be done – 5Ks are no joke.

The race itself was awesome. Race-day packet pickup which took about two minutes. Instead of a race shirt – you get a pint glass. Plenty of Nuun, water, bagels and bananas at the finish. Plus, an awesome raffle (with an extra ticket if you carpool). The only downer is that there is no chip timing, but there were only about 280 people in the race so that it’s not too big of a deal.

So my 5K PR is now 23.33 (although I measured it as 3.18 miles). 8th woman and 1st in my age group. Age group winners get to pick a prize from the raffle table. I opted for a compression foot sleeve (basically a toeless sock) to help with the minor foot pain I’ve been having recently. And you know – the more compression the better, right? Next up is a 10K around the same trails on July 12th.

The rest of Saturday was spent brunching, shopping and figuring out what to do with all the greens from our CSA.


On weekends, I like to have a cocktail when I’m prepping dinner. This time – mojito. I used our CSA radishes and turnips to make a salad (tomatoes, red onion, cilantro and lemon juic

e), and dill to make a potato salad.


J and I then biked 1.5 mile to our local microbrewery to taste some new brews.

Sunday was a 8.2 miles long run (8.40 min/mile) and I was not feeling it at all. The race on Saturday was tough and although I met my goal (sub-24), I felt a little disappointed with how tired I was feeling – which is totally stupid. I mean, I ran a half marathon last weekend and am probably not fully recovered. I need to stop putting such high expectations on myself. By the time Sunday rolled around it was a struggle to get out of the door. I did not want to run. Not – I couldn’t run. Physically, I felt pretty good but my brain just wasn’t cooperating. But I did it – and with pretty even split times. It’s in the books now – time to move on.

I also got my yoga groove back on. I haven’t been to a class for a while. Food tendonitis made it a little painful and then I just wasn’t psyched to go to a class. But I was suddenly itching to go – and was so glad I did. It felt so good. I am definitely back on the yoga train.

Sunday cocktail in my race glass!


And then a little Asian inspired grilling – BBQ pork chops, mango slaw and stir-fried mustard greens (not my favorite).


Today was an early morning session on the elliptical (4.3 miles) and finished with an after-work yoga class. A coworker is going on vacation and has offered passes to a yoga class at the University gym. I tried it tonight and it was pretty good (and free!). More like yoga-robics but fun. I can feel a big difference between my two knees but lunges are pain-free and I want to strengthen them back up.

Anyone else race this weekend? Anyone else finding it hard to find their running mojo?



35 thoughts on “Automatic PRs!

    • Thank you! I like the fact that they’re over pretty quickly and no soreness the next day. But so hard! I agree about the giant bottle of booze! But I live in Utah so the chances of alcohol as a prize are ZERO.

  1. Good job! Love automatic PRs too 🙂 I’m kind of terrified of running my first 5k, I’m terrible at pacing shorter distances so I’m sure I’ll either go out way too fast or end up with a ton left in the tank.

  2. Hey that is a solid starting PR. I think we have the same PR actually! TWINSIES jk. I say continue to get thee to a yoga mat, but know that you might find yourself dealing with some soreness from that as well as things iron out. I know I did.

    • Ha! Running twin – I’ll stalk you in Twin Cities! It seriously felt so good to return to the mat. Exactly what I needed right now. And hopefully it’ll strengthen up my feet and stretch out those goddam calves.

  3. Congrats on the PR. I do not like 5K’s. They are just too fast for me! You certainly killed it and on a trail too! I am a bit envious of your raffle prize. That sounds perfect.

  4. Martha B says:

    Nicely done! I love trail races so much for their size, vibe, and the race schwag is always pretty cool too. I think I want to start eating at your house. Your foods always look amazing!

    • I totally agree. Trail races seem so much more chilled out – and a lot more fun too run (even though they are more challenging than the road).

      If you ever make it to Salt Lake City – you can definitely drop in for dinner!

  5. I’m also meh on 5ks. I like them once in a while but it’s SO exhausting going full force for 3.1 miles. Congrats on your PR though–that’s impressive for a trail 5k. (I love trails btw 🙂 ) Do you?
    P.S. I was totally nomming all of your food pics.

    • Thank you! 5Ks are no joke. This year I have been running a lot more on trails (but not at night LOL!) and am loving it! Much more challenging but such beautiful scenery. Running has made me a total foodie – is that weird?

  6. Congrats on your first 5k! That’s a GREAT time! I always feel really proud of myself after running 5ks…probably because they are short and fast (and terrible feeling!)

  7. YES! I LOVE INSTA-PRs!! Great job out there! You are so speedy…that’s an incredible time!

    Yoga did wonders for my tendonitis. I’m glad you had a good class!

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