Unexpected encounters with wildlife………

I had a very traumatizing wildlife encounter during the last few days…………..If you’re queasy like me, maybe wait til you’ve finished eating.

But first a mini-recap of the weekend. Friday was a post-work strength workout. You’re welcome core!

Saturday – back to running and a scheduled 5 mile pace run. Right now I have no idea what my marathon pace is – having never run further than 13.3 miles – but I do have a half marathon next Saturday so decided I would try half marathon-ish pace. The first mile was hard but once I settled into my rhythm it felt pretty OK – 5 miles at 7.50 min/mile pace. And the first pace run I’ve done in a long time. I’m pretty sure I can’t run a 20 miles at that pace but maybe the half on Saturday (net downhill!!) will be better than expected.

Saturday was spend doing chores. And wedding stuff. Invites to our Irish party are out. Photographer is locked in. Honeymoon is organized.

And then a wonderful dinner (+ margaritas) with our friends up in Park City. Nothing better than sitting on a deck in the mountains with good food and great company.

Sunday is long run day. This week I got more than 5 hours sleep so was good to go. I met my Thursday trail running buddy and another runner friend for a trail run. This time we did the whole trail – 9.3 miles out and back with stunning views and a lovely breeze. 9.33 min/mile with rolling hills – total elevation gain of 1400 ft but without any really big hills. I managed to squeeze in two whole episodes of Scandal while stretching and doing PT exercises. Total mileage for the week 28 miles on the dot.

I spent the rest of the afternoon lounging on our front porch before heading to a 4PM Restore yoga class where I may or may not have dozed off for a couple of seconds.

This weekend was all about the burgers – portobello mushrooms and fresh corn on Friday.


Homemade turkey burgers with potato salad (carb-loading has started with a vengeance!) on Sunday. Ciabatta is my new favorite way to eat my burgers.


We also are having salad with pretty much every meal to use up our CSA greens ASAP. Finding a snail as you are washing your salad leaves – pretty normal, right? I still had a mini-freakout (can’t do “slimy” things with no legs including (but not limited to) earthworms, slugs, snails, snakes) and had to get J to deal with it.

What is totally NOT normal was waking up the next day and finding a snail had appeared in your kitchen and found it’s way INTO your water bottle which was standing open on the counter. This freaked me out. I had to leave the room. And I felt sick about it all day – especially when I sat down to eat my delicious SALAD. I checked for wildlife before I tucked in.






33 thoughts on “Unexpected encounters with wildlife………

  1. Great runs and I know you’re going to run a great marathon pace!! Can’t wait to hear about your half!!!! I’m glad you’re feeling great!!! Exciting weekend!!!
    Ugh, that would gross me out, too!!

  2. I OBJECT!!! That is SO disgusting. Snakes I can do…snails I can not. I would have had to leave the room too.

    Your food otherwise looks delightful and it’s really making me want to pick up some ciabatta at the store. I think your run this weekend is going to go great!

  3. Martha B says:

    I guess as a whole it’s good you’re finding these snails – it means your CSA produce is organic πŸ™‚
    At least you saw it in your water bottle before you took a sip.

    • I had planned to bring that water bottle to the gym but changed my mind at the last minute. Lucky I did – my brain doesn’t function properly at 6AM. And yes – the produce was definitely fresh!

  4. OMG! I am horrified by everything that is cold and moves, obviously snails fall under the same discription. Most of the times, I act cool as if I am not disturbed, but this is mostly to avoid someone ‘trying to be funny’ and throw whatever it is at me, just to scare me off hahahah πŸ˜€ *smart, huh?!*

    Also, it completely skipped my mind that you are getting married! When is your big day? Where are you going for your honeymoon?!


  5. Hahahahaha. Ok, great job on your runs. But the fact that you consider a snail to be ‘wildlife’, hahaha. I admit that that is gross, but it’s not that bad! I’ve eaten snails, they taste pretty good. Maybe try it before washing your water bottle. πŸ˜‰

    • He is now happily living somewhere in our garden! J had a French coworker a couple of years ago who prepared escargots. And I just couldn’t bring myself to try one. It might be the one thing that I cannot eat. If I see another one I’d be happy to mail it to you in Texas!

    • Oh thanks for sharing – I will definitely check that out. My half this weekend should give me a good idea of where I’m at. I’m still having trouble contemplating running 26.2 miles!

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