And I’m back……….

I’ve taken a week away from blogging mainly due to a major work-related presentation that I had to give last week. It went pretty well and I got some positive feedback so I can cross that off my list of things to stress over. Done and done.

The other big news is that I can run again! After two weeks off from running including 5 completely exercise-free days I was dying to get back at it. And with no foot pain to report (just knee pain which I’ve been dealing with for most of the year).

Mon: 3 miles on the treadmill at 8.35 min/mile pace + 1.5 miles on the elliptical (because I can’t quit you just now).

Tues: Strength training (hello legs – how you doing!)

Wed: 3 mile tempo “run” on the elliptical + 2.5 miles on the treadmill at 8.35 min/mile

Thurs: 5ish mile trail run (see below)

Fri: Rest

Sat: 8.77 mile run at 8.27 min/mile

Sun: Climbing + 3.3 mile recover run at 8.55 min/mile

Mon: 4.25 mile trail run at 9.03 min/mile

So the good news is that I can run again! Woohoo! And I’ve missed it so much. It rained non-stop for my long run on Saturday. My shoes were squelchy and soaked through after about 5 minutes but I didn’t care. It just felt so good to be out there. I did get to exchange some “I can’t believe we’re out here running in this weather” looks with all the runners I met during my run but secretly I was happy to be getting my miles in, and convincing myself that I will be able to run this half marathon on June 14th.

My first outdoor run was on Thursday. And in my usual go big or go home style I opted for a 5ish mile (my absence from running meant that I could no longer work my Garmin for the first half mile) trail run. This was done as part of a group run organized by the people who run the Park City Trail Series. I ran a couple of these races last summer and am signed up for the 5, 10 and 15K races this year. The races are always a lot of fun and they have the best raffles ever. At the group run this week I won a packet of pro-bar chews. J got a brand new visor. I also managed to find a friend to run with! She’s new to running but is pretty speedy and is down to run a weekly trail run near work. Win win win. The run itself had a little over 700 ft of elevation gain with half of that being in a single mile. It was tough.

Sunday’s recovery run was nice and easy around one of the nearby parks. It was the afternoon and it seemed like the whole of Salt Lake was grilling with their families. So nice to get out and feel part of this.

Monday involved a couple of hours of work but since I had most of the afternoon off, I decided to head out to a trail that I love. It has amazing views, and for a Utah trail run isn’t that steep or calf-killing. 663 ft of elevation gain but pretty evenly spread out. And gorgeous scenery and weather. The only downside was the 20 mins it took to get past the fee collections station.I guess Salt Lakers decided this canyon was the place to be today.


Nice and shaded to beat the heat.



Pretty flowers.


Looking down towards Salt Lake City.



Stream crossing.



I think this my be one of my favorite trails to run in the valley.




That sliver of gray is the road you drive up. The trail is at about 6000 ft.


To me, it’s a little alpine.



The turnaround point.

This weekend I also tried out my new Spibelt for the first time. It felt fine on my long run but the next day I had a pain in my back from the exact area it was sitting on. For the trail run, I swung it around so it looked like a fanny-pack/bum-bag and it felt much better. But pretty pleased with my purchase.


31 thoughts on “And I’m back……….

  1. Woohoo for being back on your feet and running again! And congrats on making a new runner friend. I wish you weren’t across the country so you could be my running buddy. I need to find one that lives closer to me. My only running buddy (that lives fairly close to me) right now is my hubby who refuses to get off the treadmill.

    • It’s so hard to find someone who wants to run your schedule and around your pace. I hope it’ll work out. If you ever make it out to Utah give me a shout-out and I’ll be your running tour guide.

  2. Gorgeous trail. Question for you…on these trails, do you typically see a decent number of other runners/hikers/dog walkers or are you largely alone? Just curious ๐Ÿ™‚ On the trails I run, I typically see lots of other runners.

    • This trail is very popular with hikers, runners and mountain bikers so I usually see a ton of people when I’m out – especially the mountain bikers who really don’t want to stop for a runner. I prefer a busy trail – my Mom went over board with the stranger danger lesson and I’m terrified of seeing a rattler so I need people around me.

    • Utah is pretty! And Ive turned into a total hypochondriac runner. But this has definitely taught me the importance of listening to your body and taking time off. Running will be waiting for you when you’re ready.

  3. Yay! I’m glad you’re running pain-free again! Your pictures have me thinking that I should start running Pipeline soon. I miss trail running, and that trail would be a good one for me to test out the hip on.

  4. dawn @ running the dawn says:

    yay for running! i always love those first few runs after a break…it always feels like flying.

  5. Welcome back and YAY FOR RUNNING AGAIN! I’m so glad to hear this! It sounds like an awesome week of workouts for you and those pictures are just beautiful. ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m glad your presentation went well!!

  6. Nice! It’s crazy what a difference spring and winter make in the mountains! Both are beautiful! Nice runs! Looks like you could get lost on those trails forever (in a good way)!

    • We get all four seasons here which is pretty cool. Snow all winter and then green in spring. Probably a little different to Texas? I’m totally digging trail running right now! So fun!

      • Actually, we’ve had a very mild spring, so that’s been nice!
        Ha, I might meet some friends for a trail run in the morning, however one of them mentioned that it’s now ‘copperhead season’. So We’ll have to keep our eyes peeled!

      • Ahh! I’m terrified of snakes. We don’t have copperheads here but plenty of rattlesnakes. That’s why I’m planning on doing all my trail runs in a group.

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