Eating and not running…..

It’s been 8 (!) days since I went for my last run. Instead I’ve been ellipticizing or whatever that verb may actually be. Pandora and Netflix have been helping my push through. And some very un-May-like weather.

Friday night was spent re-habing with some snacks from Trader Joe’s and frozen peas.

IMG_0764 IMG_0763

Like shesgoingthedistance – I also believe in WRICE (wine + RICE).

Saturday was a “tempo” 3 mile elliptical session followed by some strength training. Followed by lemon-cranberry scones.


I’ve made this recipe before with chocolate chips and my sweet tooth preferred the chocolate version.

J and I then celebrated a friend’s graduation before having an early night. Marathon training (J) and being an old lady (me) will do that to you.

I was feeling a lot better on Sunday and got in some epic elliptical mileage. I coped with this by watching the trashiest reality tv I could find on Netflix (hello Keeping up with the Kardashians). No obvious aggravation of my foot. Hell yeah – on the mend!

After an afternoon spent doing chores, wedding-related stuff (4 months today people!) and beer making, J and I teamed up to make some asparagus and smoked salmon risotto. I think reading about Italy (honeymoon destination) has got us both in the mood for Italian food.


I also managed to make some homemade granola bars. They were a little too crumbly for my liking but tasted great when paired with some chocolate ice cream.

IMG_0766 IMG_0768

Monday morning workouts are usually a struggle for me but today I hopped right out of bed at 5.50 AM feeling good and ready to see what new awfulness the Kardashians would inflict on the world. Foot felt good and I took it pretty easy. This was followed by a pretty hectic day at work.

I was getting a little pissed off that I could still feel some foot pain. I mean I took ONE whole week off running shouldn’t I be cured by now? Patience – not my strongest personality trait. But I wasn’t overly worried until I got home, took off my compression sleeves and realized that my left ankle is pretty swollen but weirdly not painful? (no pictures – after Piratebobcat’s bloody sock I think the internet is overloaded with gross photos). This has sent me in to total panic mode. I thought I had figured out what was wrong with my foot but maybe a visit to the doctor is called for. And total rest. Prepare yourselves for lots more food posts – looks like I might be catering a pity party soon.






30 thoughts on “Eating and not running…..

  1. Umm YUM to all the food! Scones look delish but I would choose chocolate over cranberry and lemon, if not just for the fact I’m allergic to cranberries. Hope your foot feels better soon! I hear ya on the pity party! That was me…one week ago!

  2. Hmm, interesting about the ankle. I was going to say it was good that the foot was feeling better until I got to the end. LOL

    I totally agree about Piratebobcat’s picture. I sincerely hope I never have any injury photos to post like that. Ever. Ouch!

    • You’re having pain in your foot/ankle?
      As far as your ankle goes: My husband had really bad tendinitis right below his ankle and it looked like he had 2 ankle bones. He suffered for a long time until a few runner friends told him about the Tommie Copper Ankle Sleeve!!! After he started wearing it, his ankle recovered and he’s back to his normal running!!

  3. Please please please come and cook for me. PLEASE! Every thing you made looks incredible! I’m sorry that you are still having issues, and I hope that it clears up so so quickly. WRICE is amazing. Cures everything.

  4. This all looks delicious. Wine, compression sleeves, and ice…I love it! Sounds like a healing plan to me. Red wine counts as bright red fruits right?! Hope you are feeling better. Just imagine how awesome it will feel to be healthy!

  5. Ok, I probably shouldn’t tell you this, but before I had those bloody socks, my IT hurt so bad in my training that I had to do the elliptical in place of running. I also did get to keep up with some horrible reality TV people, except one day they had a Saved by the Bell marathon on – that helped the 3 hours go by a little easier, ha! Anyway, I think I got so many blisters and chaffing wounds at the race because me feet weren’t used to the pounding. It was my first 26.2 experience though, so I made lots of mistakes – I shouldn’t have worn those shoes or socks for example. You’re a much smarter runner than I was, so I know you’ll be way better off!

    • I think you were either crazy or a badass for finishing that marathon – or maybe a little of both! My gym just shows CNN, ESPN and the travel channel. A Saved by the Bell marathon sounds awesome!

  6. dawn @ running the dawn says:

    ice cream and granola? you may have just changed my life forever!!!

    my mom is having some really weird foot swelling that she can’t figure out. she saw a dr. for planter fasciitis but he didn’t even really understand the swelling. hope you get some answers! i hate having mystery pain….it’s so frustrating to not know what’s going on.

    • It was delicious and will be making an appearance again soon.

      It was weird because I had no ankle pain at all. And then my ankle was completely normal this morning? Have no idea what happened. Hope your Mom is feeling better! Injuries suck.

  7. I am in love with all your food. May I please bother you for that risotto recipe? That is all my favorite things on a plate.

    I’m sorry that the ankle is still giving you trouble. I also know how hard it is to admit that it’s time to go to the doctor. Just don’t make the same mistake I did and get thee to a sports med guy right away. I should have skipped right over everyone else.

    Fingers crossed that it’s something that isn’t a big deal at all. Have you tried biking? When I was still mending up, the bike felt great but the elliptical still really bugged my tendon.

    • Oh yes – I don’t want to visit Dr Awful! I’m feeling a ton better and actually coping well with a total exercise break (don’t tell anyone) but I have turned in a total hypochondriac – I think you know what I mean – every little pain is the end of the world!

      I’ll dig out the recipe – it’s a modified Jamie Oliver recipe – and post it tomorrow.

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