Friday catch-up

I read about a million running blogs. Seriously. I love reading about people training, racing and finding a way to fit running into their life. I don’t follow many blogs about people getting their kicks on the elliptical everyday of the week. Mainly, because I don’t think they exist. Does anyone, anywhere really prefer relentlessly pounding away on this silly machine to actually going for a run? If you do, I don’t think we can be friends – opposite life view.

The thing I like about the ellipitical is that I can use it without hurting my foot. So it’s got that advantage over running right now. I’ve managed to do 13.5 miles so far this week on my new favorite inanimate object with more to go this weekend. Luckily the weather is really crappy here right now so it’s not too big a sacrifice to confine myself to the indoors.

The foot is feeling a ton better than yesterday. The plan is to see how it feels by the start of next week and take it from there. My calf has also decided to get in on the action and has been super tight. I’m following Sarah’s advice over at runningonhealthy and stretching them out as often as I can. It did take me 4 days to realize that it might be a good idea to wear my compression sleeves to help my calves out. I am not a smart woman.

So that’s where the recovery is at. Elliptical is fine so I’m trying to keep my mileage up. Strength training is fine. Yoga and climbing are out. PSA: Squeezing a sore foot into teeny climbing shoes or resting on the front of your feet during upward facing dog do not help with foot pain.

I have been enjoying some delicious eats. Burger with sweet potato fries (my new absolute favorite thing to eat) and Mexican skillet zucchini.


I’ve been having a ton of salad for lunch this week. I think it’s a form of rebellion against our cold and rainy weather. Plus mango.

IMG_0761 IMG_0760

And finally, Dijon salmon (amazing!) with parsnip mash. For this mash I swap out milk and butter for Greek yogurt and lemon zest.


Does anyone else get excited for what they plan on cooking at the weekends? I’m planning on making lemon-cranberry scones and some homemade granola bars. Just have to work for 4 more hours.


29 thoughts on “Friday catch-up

  1. Delicious meals and I’m glad you’re feeling better and getting some great cardio in!! I’m hoping you feel GREAT by Monday!!! Have a great weekend!!

  2. I totally cringed at the mention of upward facing dog. Owww! Hoping you are feeling better soon. This is super frustrating isn’t it? On the bright side that food looks amazing!

  3. I don’t know if I told you, but when I was training for my first full, my IT was so bad that I had to do most training on the elliptical. It didn’t exactly work out, but it was the only way I could get the mileage in. PS, I love me some mango and some salmon! I bet the salmon doesn’t taste as good as what you’re used to in Ireland though!!! Right?

  4. the elliptical does have a special power of stealing my soul, one drop of sweat at a time. luckily i don’t have a gym membership anywhere so i don’t really have the option of death by ellipses.

    hope it does the trick for you and your injured foot! i can see how it will keep your endurance up without the impact. gotta do what you gotta do!

    • I know. Just grin and bear it. Luckily the weather has been really crappy here so I haven’t been itching to get outside. And it’s only mental strength training. If I can survive on an elliptical I can do anything!

  5. Glad to hear the foot is starting to feel better! Funny story: we bought an elliptical in early 2012. It ended up breaking a few months later. Before that, I was using it every morning 5 x a week. When it broke, I decided to use C25K because I had friends trying it and the elliptical was taking forever to fix. I don’t think I’ve used the elliptical in the basement more than 3-4 times since I started running now. LOL

    • I think the elliptical is a gateway machine. Before I started running I used the elliptical for cardio but as soon as I discovered running I dropped it so quick…Now it’s just my rehab machine. Hopefully you won’t need your again.

  6. That Mexican Skillet Zucchini looks amazing! And I’m with you about the elliptical – the only time I use it is when my knee or foot is bothering me and I can’t run. But we will be purchasing one in the near future, even though I’m over my injury (yay)!

  7. Yummy looking food this week! Troy and I had no plans on Friday night and I was looking forward to cooking a nice dinner the entire day. Same goes for today, cooking is the only thing on my agenda! I hope the foot is good for running very soon!

    • I’m loving cooking so much right now. Can’t wait to see what delicious stuff you’ve made! Foot is feeling a lot better. Hope your hip is behaving and you can run pain-free too.

  8. I hope your foot gets better soon, what a bummer! I really feel for you, by the way. I was in Germany this weekend and suffered terrible hayfever, which made running outside all but impossible for me. I lasted a full – wait for it – 4 kilometres on the dreadmill before I crumbled. I am in awe of your ability to exercise on stationary stuff.

    • It’s so hard to get motivated to do long distance on the treadmill/elliptical. Hayfever is no fun – I don’t blame you for taking it easy. Thanks for the good wishes – feeling a little miserable but positive vibes are welcome.

  9. I want to come and eat what you are eating. I finish a meal and think about what my next snack or meal is going to be.

    Might have to give that Mexican Skillet Zucchini a go. Looked good.

    Take care and hope you are back doing what you really love soon.

  10. Mmmm scones and granola bars. I want to come eat at your house! I hope you had a great weekend! Haha the bit at the beginning about the elliptical reminded me of something I said to a friend the other day about never getting an elliptical high. But that (and the bike) are definitely helpful tools when we can’t do other things. 🙂 I hope your foot is feeling good today!

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