Lesson learned…………

First of all, thank you to everyone who posted such kind, thoughtful and helpful comments on my last post. As if I didn’t know before, but the blogging world rocks. And I am feeling almost back to normal.

So, one of the factors  that has been contributing to my down days is another injury. Yes – another new injury to add to the list. I first felt a soreness in on the top of my foot last Monday. Being the optimist (or denialist) that I am, I assumed it would just disappear. So I did my normal recovery run on Monday, a slow 5 miler on Wednesday and a trail run on Thursday. But surprise(!) it did not go away. Ugh!

I rested on Friday and decided to skip out on Saturday too. Instead I spent the morning making carrot cake to celebrate J’s birthday. (Good decision!). We spent the rest of the day biking about 20 miles between some of the local breweries in town. Fun day and no foot pain. Foolishly (in hindsight), I thought I was good to go for my 10 miler on Sunday.

So here are some things I learned after this 10 mile run:

1. Running hungover is never fun. I guess 5 beers in a day is my limit. My ancestors would be ashamed.

2. Running after biking 20ish miles is a bad idea. I am not a triathlete. The last time I biked was 9 months ago.

3. My water bottle sucks. After about a minute it was leaking all over my hand. There is obviously some mysterious (to me at least) hole somewhere because my hand was covered in orange Nuun.

4. Some runs just suck. This was one of them. From the first step I wanted it to be over.

5. My body is stronger than my mind. My brain wanted to quit. My legs – they were good to go.

By the time I finished I was sore and threw myself a little pity party. I also decided that I needed a running hiatus for the next week to see if I could feel normal again. Luckily I can still use the ellipitical. Yay for my least favorite way to work out. Thank God for Yurbuds and podcasts. Time to heal!



25 thoughts on “Lesson learned…………

  1. LOL, sounds like you learned a lot about yourself. I hope the pain goes away soon! That bike/brewery tour sounds like a lot of fun! And yes, the brain is the key – my yoga instructor the other day reminded us of that when we were holding a difficult pose.

  2. I am an eternal denialist as well so I totally understand. That’s what I was doing at the beginning of my tendonitis. BUT I think it says a lot about you that you know when to take a little break. SO smart. A lot of people would keep running on it when they knew something just wasn’t right. I hope the week off is exactly what you need and I’m so glad you are feeling better!

    • I’m used to be a “Ignore it and hope it’ll go away” person but I so want to be healthy for my marathon this fall. How is your tendonitis? Cos I know you are still rocking your marathon training!

      • It’s actually been pretty much okay. I still tape, but it is more of a precaution than anything else. Pair of new shoes #3 helped a TON. Right now I have a variety of aches and pains, but none related to that haha. Thank you so much for asking! 🙂

      • Glad to hear! I kind of selfishly want to hear about someone who got over tendonitis! J likes to remind me that half marathon and marathon training should hurt a little.

  3. Salt and I must be of the same breed…I am a major denialist. See my post regarding taking time off, only to go for a run this week and make it worse. You are so right, some runs do just suck. As does running hung over. Feel better!

  4. Sorry you had a bad run but I totally feel you about the mind/body thing!! I find that even when my mind wants to quit, my body keeps pushing the pace! It is strange! You’re awesome!! You’re awesome!! You’re awesome!! Do ya feel better?! XOXOXO!!

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