Let’s talk about DOMS

April finished with a 5.3 mile run after work bringing my total mileage for the month to 108 miles and my second 100+ mile in a row.

Still having some knee problems but slowly improving but a new issue (does it ever end?) is my left foot which has been a little painful since Monday. I’ve loosened up all my shoes and iced my foot. I’ll rest tomorrow and see if anything improves.

I ran at a local park that has a wood chip trail hoping a softer surface might help a little. What did help was the weather – 60F and sunny. The first time I got to wear a tank top this year. You know – sun’s out gun’s out! Although, while I was waiting at traffic lights a lady ran by wearing running tights and a fleece vest. I guess everyone feels the heat differently.


Today was a repeat of the weather and a beautiful 3.85 mile run on the trails by work. 65F and perfect.


Both of these runs were tough and I can blame that on DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness). The squats I did earlier this week (and the first ones in about 5 months) were to blame. OMG – so sore and tender. But sore in my glute medius which is the muscle I need to strengthen the most. So even though I’ve been suffering most of the week it looks as though they are going to be on my workout schedule in the future.


20 thoughts on “Let’s talk about DOMS

  1. Don’t you just hate DOMS? It’s the worst! I was that lady that ran by you in fleece and long pants. Haha just kidding but that would have been me!

  2. Oh man, great runs and I hope your body stops acting mean to you and that all of your aches and pains go away!!
    I’ve been extremely sore this week, too!!! Ugh, I feel like every run is painful due to soreness from yoga, swimming, etc.

  3. Join the club of never ending cycle of injuries. What have we done to deserve this?And yes. Sun’s out, gun’s are OUT.
    Ps, the “let’s talk about doms” would be the best song title ever. Have a great weekend! Hope your bum feels better šŸ˜‰

    • I know – I cross-train, stretch, do my PT exercises and I still get weird new injuries. So frustrating!

      I think I was listening to Salt N Pepa yesterday when I was thinking of a title. And my bum is finally normal – almost 4 days later. Damn squats!

      • Preach it loud-to all of the above. I have a marathon this fall but god only knows what’s gonna happen with that. Here’s to stopping the injury cycle!

  4. Really hoping your foot feels better soon. I too have been having left foot issues (what is it with these guys?!). Rest is the best thing for it and I am trying to remind myself of that. Even if I have to miss my first race in a long time! Feel better!

  5. Squats scare me for this reason. I know I need to do more of them though. (It was especially evident in how my glutes felt during my 18 miler the other week.)

    The weather is finally rocking over here too! I hope that your foot feels better quickly. I swear it’s like all of us are sore right now.

    • I know – my biker friends are always telling me that runners are constantly injured – and right now it seems kinda true. The things we put up with for running!

      80F here this weekend. Woohoo! Good luck with your long run!

  6. onelifeadventure says:

    Oddly enough I like DOMS. Not in a weird way but more a you know you are doing things right and getting stronger way. At least that’s what I tell my back the day after kettle bell swings.

  7. i have a love/hate with doms…like it’s awesome to know that i’m pushing myself. and i HATE it when i think i’m working super hard, but then never get sore. but when it starts affecting the other workouts i have scheduled i get pretty impatient šŸ™‚

    love your shorts!!!

    • I had a pretty sore butt for my runs this week. Not fun! But at least I know I worked out hard.

      I meant to mention the shorts – I got them from the REI outlet and they have a cute polka dot trim.

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