Birthday weekend!

Not my birthday but J’s. And the plan is to grill, drink beer and hang out with friends. J also has a 17 mile run to get in and I’m hoping that my foot will feel better so I can get in a 10 miler.

Saturday will be spent doing the Tour de Brewtah. Utah has a reputation for weird alcohol laws but there are actually some pretty decent breweries round these parts. And we’ll be visiting some of them this weekend on our bikes and raising money for some local non-profits. Win. Win. Win. J’s big hobby is homebrewing so it’s the perfect birthday celebration. Plus it’ll be sunny and 80F. Time to find my sunblock! Enjoy your weekend!



6 thoughts on “Birthday weekend!

  1. That sounds like an awesome weekend. Have a great time. Hope the foot feels better soon. I think I am joining the injured foot crew this weekend 😦 Happy birthday drinking!

      • Mine is definitely from over use and tight calves. However, are you dealing with tendonitis? I had that happen from tying my shoes and skates (when I was teaching) too tight. I had a horrible time with it but with some therapy I was able to get back quickly.

      • I think it’s tendonitis – self diagnosed but it’s painful when I flex my big toe. I guess I should go back to the PT and figure out a plan. Hope you’re feeling better.

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