Race photos

Piratebobcat posted about his race photos yesterday – and managed to look cool and effortless in them (How do you do that?). This coincided with the release of the official race photos from my half marathon last weekend.

This is how I think I look when running (except for my zombie hand). Looking strong at the finish.








But I think this is second photo is a better representation of how I was actually feeling! Tired and glad to be done. Interestingly they were probably taken about 30 seconds apart.


24 thoughts on “Race photos

  1. How true … something as crazy as whether I’m going up or down on a step makes the difference between “lookin’ good!” and “yikes I’m fat”.

  2. Oh wow, thanks for the shout out! Funny how our race photos coincided like that!
    I think you look pretty determined in these photos!!! And with that heel kick, I bet you were moving pretty fast!

  3. You look great. How fun would it have been if you had a guy running behind you checking you out like Piratebobcat did?! Sorry but once you mentioned him that’s where my mind went. I always look terrible in race pics so I am a bit envious of yours 🙂

    • I know – I think that’s why I liked these two. Strong and powerful to OMG I’m going to die in about 2 seconds. Oh and zombie hand makes it into almost all my race photos. Don’t tell my physiotherapist……

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