Liebster award – Information overload

Is the blogging community awesome. I’ve had a couple of people nominate me for a Liebster award so I’m going to give you all a huge information dump.
First off, runningliftinglife who is training for her first half marathon. You should check out her blog!
1. What if the longest you’ve ever run?
So far the longest I’ve ever run is 13.33 miles – which is what my two half marathons have turned out to be. That’ll change soon once I start marathon training (Gulp!).
2. What is your ultimate race goal?
I would LOVE to one day qualify for Boston. Watching the race on Monday made we want to experience it so bad. First step is to run a marathon and go from there.
3. What advice would you give to someone who wanted to start running but didn’t know where to begin?
Don’t be too hard on yourself. Running is not easy. When I first started I could barely run a mile without feeling like I was going to die. And hills – just no. Be patient. If you are consistent you will get better! And don’t compare yourself to others. Everyone is one their own journey with their own starting point and challenges. Just compare yourself to you.
4. What made you decide to start blogging?
I had been reading a couple of running blogs and loved them. I knew this year I’d be running a couple of half marathons and my first full marathon and I wanted to document my journey without boring my real life friends with the details of my training. I’d save that for internet friends!
5. Have you ever met anyone through blogging in person?
I haven’t. Yet. But wouldn’t that be cool. I have a couple of friends who happen to blog which is pretty awesome.
6. Have you ever been sidelined by an injury from running?
Oh my God. Yes! I had a run of 4 months with serious injuries. I developed an inflammed sciatic nerve at the end of August last year. Once that cleared up I had hip bursitis and couldn’t run for 6 weeks. During this time I learned I am not a fan of swimming. Once I could run a little I then had a strained glute medius. Right now I have mild runner’s knee but can still run (Yay). Looking back – the last half 0f 2013 pretty much sucked for running.
7. What is your favorite food to eat the night before a big race?
I don’t care too much as long as I get to eat it with fries!
8. Do you follow any other sports other than running?
The only thing I’d sit down and watch is rugby – especially the six nations. Ireland won this year for the first time in a while and it was pretty cool. One year I even got to go to the Rugby World Cup Final in Paris and watched South Africa beat England.
9. What are some of your other hobbies?
I have a hard time sitting down and taking it easy. When I’m not running, I like to do yoga, rock climb, hike, backpack and ski. I also love to cook – mostly because I like to eat.
10. When is your next race?
Utah Valley half marathon – June 14th!
Up next Cori at shesgoingthedistance who is a badass runner and takes great selfies.

1. Do you have a night before or race day ritual that you HAVE to do?

Other than visiting the bathroom as often as I can I haven’t develop any race rituals but I’m sure they will come.

2. Do you love your job?

I love and hate my job. I’m a scientist so when things are going well there’s nothing I’d rather do but when I can’t figure out an experiment it is incredibly frustrating! But I always feel like I’m doing something worthwhile and valuable so that makes up for the crappy pay!

3. Why did you start blogging?

See number 4 above.

4. What is your favorite running shoe brand?

Brooks. I’m on my fourth pair of PureCadence shoes and have two more pairs waiting in a box for marathon training. I might have a problem………….

5.  Ice cream, popsicles or milkshakes?

I don’t eat any of these things regularly – although I did have a Creamsicle after my race last Saturday. But every so often I’ll get a craving for ice cream – so I’ll pick that.

6. Where’s the last place you traveled?

In November, J and I took a road trip of see Pearl Jam (!) in Phoenix but we drove via Mesa Verde National Park which was amazing. Beautiful scenery and these really cool ancient dwellings built into the rock.


7. Power song to run or train to?

For the last while it’s been Titanium by David Guetta. That song always gets me fired up.

8. Beach or Mountains?

Mountains. Maybe if my skin could tolerate the sun for more than 5 mins I’d be a beach bum. But hiking, trail running and skiing in the mountains is where it’s at.

9. Are you afraid of heights?

Yes! Terrified. I cannot go close to the edge of buildings, balconies – anything high. But weirdly I have no problem climbing 30ft walls at the climbing gym. Maybe I just need to be connected to a rope at all times.

10.  Favorite show on tv currently?

Scandal! I started watching it when I was at home by myself one weekend. And it is awesome. So many twists. So glamorous. Love it. Unfortunately I need to find a way to watch all of season 3…..

And finally…….in case you didn’t know enough about me. Talia at 52 miles per month who has a really inspiring run story.

1. What inspires you on a day to day basis?!

I feel like there is always room for improvement. I can always be better – do better at work, get faster at running, nail that yoga pose, get better at keeping in touch with friends, try out that new recipe. A little bit of this is always trying to live up to the standards that I’ve set myself.
2. Why do you write?
See question 4.
3. How do you feel about excise… Honestly?!
Honestly……….I love to exercise and start to go a little crazy if I have to take a full rest day. Sure some days are hard and I don’t always enjoy it but I NEED to do it.
4. If you could wake up anywhere in the world where would you wake up and why?
I would love to wake up for a day back in my parent’s house in Ireland while my brother and his family are visiting. 4500 miles is a long way!
5. You have a choice- you can ride a bike or walk. The distance isn’t far. What so you choose?
Walk. I’ve never been a big biker and sometimes it’s nice to take things slowly and enjoy the scenery.
6. What’s your go to beverage of choice?
Lately I’ve been loving San Pelligrino limonata. So refreshing. Last summer I made my own lemonade and limeade (not recommended without an electric juicer!) and I just love citrus drinks.
7. Describe a challenging obstacle you have faced and how you dealt with it.
I feel like the hardest thing in my life (which has been pretty drama free) has been dealing with living so far from home. First in Scotland, which was a first step in living abroad. Then, moving to Utah. It’s about 20 hours door-to-door from Salt Lake to Dublin :(. Thank God for Skype! But my way of dealing with distance is to make the most of where you are. Living here lets me experience things I’d never imagined – skiing all winter, beautiful scenery, hiking, backpacking, trips to New York, Seattle, Portland and Chicago. When life gives you lemons – you better make some awesome lemonade.
8. Describe a childhood memory that you believe shaped you.
You know – it’s weird but I have no strong childhood memories. Maybe I’ll think of something and add an edit but I’m going to have to take a pass for now.
9. When you were a kid what did you imagine for your life by this point? For example… I was convinced I was supposed to be married two years ago with a child on the way. I was also going to be either a veterinarian or an actress- obviously.
I figured by this age (31) I’d be a proper grown up – with a proper career and a house. But I never nailed down the details. One thing I would not have guessed is that I’d be living in Salt Lake City!
10. What brings you the greatest joy in life?
My extended family is really close and spending time with those guys makes me feel at home. Luckily, I’ll get to that in September.
11. How do you like to spend your Sunday?
Sunday is my long run day. So it’s up early and out to run. Then something cooked for breakfast. Usually eggs and avocado are involved. Then some lounging around. Maybe a yoga class or trip to the climbing gym in the afternoon. Finishing with dinner grilled outside with some cocktails. All spent with J of course.
I know most of you have been nominated for a Liebster award already so feel free to answer any questions or share a random fact.

18 thoughts on “Liebster award – Information overload

  1. Awesome answers! I love your advice that you give you others. SO true. I can’t wait to follow your marathon training! You’re so speedy, I bet you’ll grab a BQ before you know it!

    • I feel like I’m getting a sneak peak of what marathon training involves from reading your blog! They say for your first you should just try to finish. So I’ll have to run at least two……..

  2. Lots of good info here! Good luck on your marathon training! Make sure to take care of your body through it to keep yourself healthy! Drink lots of fluids, eat lots of healthy foods, get your sleep, do your cross training, etc etc!

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