Recovery (and my next race)

Three days later and my quads are just about back to normal……………

Recovery for me has involved lots of foam rolling, stretching, PT exercises, calf compression sleeves and icing. And eating……….mini eggs, chocolate and comfort food.

But I was dying to get out and run again (I might have a running problem). So after work yesterday I decided to try a recovery run. I was a little sore but I knew it was DOMS and was pretty sure that it would be OK to run through. Plus it was 70F and I got to run in a tank and shorts for the first time of the year. I started nice and slow and it felt good. I had watched the Boston marathon earlier in the day and was so happy to be able to run.

It felt slow but actually turned out to be 4 miles at 9.10 min/mile pace. And afterwards my legs seemed looser and today they were even better. In fact, for most of my epic 11 hour day I totally forgot that I was meant to be sore. I even managed a strength session in the gym this evening. I think I might be back to normal.

This week is a reverse taper week for me – low 20s mileage but nothing hard. Then it’s back into to half marathon training. My next race is on June 14 – the Utah Valley Half Marathon. It’s another downhill course through beautiful Provo canyon and is meant to be one of the fastest courses in the US. It had been my original PR target race for the year………and I guess it still will be just with a new time to beat.

But the main reason I’m running is that J will be running the full marathon as his third marathon and I wanted to be there to support him as he shoots for a new PR (sub 3.22 – he’s speedy!). I plan to run the half and then transform into his biggest cheerleader!

April mileage: 77.5 miles/124.7 KM

ATWRBR mileage: 199.4 miles/320.6 KM

15 thoughts on “Recovery (and my next race)

  1. Yay, you’re so awesome!! I love that you’re there to support J with his marathon ventures. That’s so great!! My husband was big into running marathons (before he got injured- not related to running, though) and I was always his biggest cheerleader!! Fun times!! Seeing him run close to a 3:10 was very memorable. The smile on his face through all the aches and pains- SO COOL!!!
    I know you are going to PR!! You’re such a fast, strong runner!! You have so much enthusiasm about the sport!! I’m always inspired to read your posts!!

    • Thanks Kristin! You always say the nicest things! And I bet you were the best cheerleader for your husband!

      I remember seeing J after he ran Chicago a couple of years ago – seeing how much effort it took for him to complete that race made me so proud.It also put me off signing up for a marathon for a couple of years.

      • Yes, the marathon distance scares me a bit. I’m not sure my body would want to push that far. You’re so awesome and fast though!! I think it’s so cool!!
        Awww, thanks, too- I try to be a good cheerleader. I worry though! It’s scary like that as a spectator- the not knowing. Not knowing why they haven’t finished, not knowing what’s going on, etc. You’re a cute cheerleader yourself!!! I’m sure J appreciates it very much!!!

  2. You’ve got that new PR all day in June! I wish I could come run out there. We have a serious rolling hill problem around here and a huge lack of anything that is completely downhill.

    Wow J is seriously speedy!

  3. Great idea to shake out the legs with a run. Sometimes I think that run can get you back to normal faster than just waiting. Active recovery can be good! How fun that you are doing another in June. Looks like perfect timing if you ask me!

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