Day 77 and 78 – the countdown has begun

After 11 full weeks of training I am now entering race week. The mileage is pretty much done. I’ve decided on my fueling strategy. And the extended weather forecast is calling for a partly sunny morning and low 50Fs, which is pretty much perfect.

J and I both woke up at crazy o’clock AKA 4 am to watch the second half of the London marathon. Those elite runners are so impressive – the men’s winner, Wilson Kipsang, ran a 4.30 min mile for mile no. 25! Holy crap – that is fast. Plus he looked so smooth and relaxed the whole way through. It’s a shame the BBC director kept going back to follow Mo Farah – especially when Kipsang was about to enter the Mall to break the course record. I get the Mo love – he is an amazing athlete and he’s British – but we kept missing things like how Kipsang and Biuwoot made their break from the lead pack. Anyway – rant over. It looked like a great race and something I would love to run someday.

Sunday was spent doing wedding related chores – who knew planning a wedding took so much time. Well, everybody probably.

We did manage to hit the climbing gym for a little bit and then I hit the treadmill (rain, hail and wind are not for me) for 3 miles at 7.35 min/mile pace.

We settled in for the night to watch Shailene Flanagan on 60 minutes and eat some homemade BBQ short ribs and cornbread. (No photo as my phone was dead – but this was seriously one of the best meals we’ve cooked in a long time).

Taper week began with a 4 mile recovery run at 9.33 min/mile pace. My legs feel a little heavy but they should feel like that now, right? The plan is for a very short tempo run on Wednesday and a shake-out 2 miler on Thursday. My other plans for the week are to get a little more sleep, hydrate like crazy and carbs, carbs, carbs! Lauren who blogs at willrunforBoston (and is an amazing runner) has her taper week plan, which I will definitely be following.

April mileage: 54.2 miles/87.2 KM

ATWRBR mileage: 176.1 miles/283.4 KM


7 thoughts on “Day 77 and 78 – the countdown has begun

  1. Ugh, taper time… this is where I always lose whatever is left of my sanity. I hope you fare better – it’s great that you have a plan and you certainly sound confident! Good luck with the race, I can’t wait to hear how you get on. I’ll be cheering for you from the next continent!

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