Day 74 – Trails!

The weather here has been amazing all week so I decided to take advantage and hit some trails right be where I work. It was great! I took it nice and easy – the hard work for my half marathon training is in the bag. I even brought my phone so I could stop and take some pictures for you guys. This helped me a lot because I’m usually focused on time and pace and today I just wanted to get outside and enjoy the day. I don’t know and you but time (and miles) always seem to go by faster when I’m on a trail.

Here’s some of what I saw!


Single track (the most fun part!) right along Emigration canyon.


Also the shadiest spot.


Second half fasting west (and the sun – oops!).


Hills to the east. 70 F and clear blue skies. Yes please!


Lots of signs so I can’t possibly get lost.


Looking at the south end of the valley.

All in all 4.05 miles at 9.15 min/mile pace (including all the photo stops) at 700 ft elevation gain. Perfect.

April mileage: 38.10 miles/61.3 KM

ATWRBR mileage: 160 miles/257.5 KM


11 thoughts on “Day 74 – Trails!

  1. Wow, completely amazing!! I really love that you take time to take in the views and snap pictures of them and really enjoy your runs. You really do enjoy your runs!! It’s very obvious to me and such a great quality!! You love life so much- I can tell!! You’re awesome!!

  2. Gorgeous! I need to find some hillier trails, mine is like 200ft of elevation gain and I do hill repeats in addition but I’d love to just find a great trail with hills like yours to work into a training run.

  3. So beautiful and what great weather too! I wish our trails were anything like this. They are pretty, but you have some serious views out there!

    Gosh it’s so nice to run outside. 🙂

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